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Must-Haves for the Water Adventurer on the Go

Adventures are always fun. They’re not only enjoyable and a good way to pass the time, but they also ignite the youth in anyone who tries it. The problem is that not all adventures are safe, though. In fact, most adventures that concern outdoor locations may be dangerous for people who have little to no idea about the trip.

Asides from the usual bungee jumping, theme park trips and stereotypical adventures that people know, there are actually more nature-focused adventures that some people love. These adventures, although they breathe to life a new kind of excitement, can have unfriendly situations for humans.

This is why people are advised to bring (and wear) the right attire and supplies that correspond to the location. For example, if you go on a hiking trip, you need to wear the right attire and bring a walking stick. If you’re going to the beach, you need a bathing suit, an umbrella and a blanket among other stuff.

But what if you’re more into water-type adventures? Should you carry around your own speedboat? Do you need a lifejacket on every lake trip? Get a better idea on what to bring for water adventures from the list below:

First Aid Kit

Now this is an absolute must. A first aid kit, regardless of the size, can be beneficial if you get wounded while you’re surrounded by water from all sides. You can make this first aid kit more effective by customizing its contents.

Bring those that you think you will need. Also, put them in a waterproof and leakproof bag. This will keep the kit dry until they’re needed. If you need more complex supplies, you can get boating supplies here in Grand Lake, OK.

Drinking Water

First thing is first, just because you’re headed to more water doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll no longer need water. Safe drinking water is important. This doesn’t only apply to a water or lake adventure, but to almost any trip you decide to take.

While you’re on the boat, clean drinking water may no longer be available. If you decide to swim while you’re on the trip or stay under the sun too long, you’ll sweat and get dehydrated. Take a secure water bottle that won’t spill or leak even if you drop it in the lake.


woman putting sunscreen 

This is the obvious item to suggest regardless of where you plan to go. If you’re used to only putting sunscreen when on the beach, you better change that habit now. If you ever decide to go boating on open water, you need to remember that there will most likely be little to no shade.

That means you will be openly exposed to the threats of the sun. Asides from the usual sunburn that we’re all afraid of, too much exposure to the sun can bring about other illnesses.

Even if you wear sunscreen before heading out to the water, it will eventually wear out. It’s a good idea to bring an extra bottle so you could re-apply whenever necessary.

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