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Exciting Nautical-themed Wedding Anniversary Activities for Sea-loving Couples

A wedding anniversary is worth celebrating because it marks a new milestone for a wedded couple. Twelve months is a long time. And it takes a lot of work for a couple to keep the fire alive and make their marriage work during that time.

Couples can celebrate their wedding anniversary in different ways. They can choose to spend that day by themselves. Or they can celebrate the event with their family and friends. To make things more fun, a married couple can have a themed anniversary celebration. This is also a way to do things they both enjoy and make the day even more memorable.

For a couple who loves the sea, a nautical-themed celebration is probably the perfect way to spend their wedding anniversary day. And with such an interesting theme, there are so many fun activities to do:

Go to the Beach

First off, you can celebrate your wedding anniversary on the beach. You can stay a few nights at a beach house and enjoy the soothing waves of the water all day. Take a dip in the water and then enjoy some beach picnic food on the side.

What’s nice about this idea is that going to the beach is relatively safe even in the middle of a pandemic. The beach is an outdoor space, which reduces the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. There’s also scientific evidence that the virus doesn’t spread through water. It’s also easier to maintain social distancing on the beach compared to public pools. So you can get the privacy you need.

Go on a Cruise

A cruise vacation is also a great idea to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You can see new sights through a cruise, which you might not have been able to do since the pandemic started. And during the transit, there are lots of things to do onboard. So you won’t get bored at all. Another benefit of going on a cruise is you have the entire vacation planned out for you. You need to pick a cruise package and come on your schedule.

Although, one drawback is that a cruise poses a higher risk of COVID-19 infection since you’ll be staying in a place with many other people. Currently, the CDC recommends that people avoid going on a cruise unless fully vaccinated. If you and your partner are already vaccinated, a cruise vacation won’t be a bad idea. Just make sure that you observe social distancing and proper hygiene.

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Go on a Private Yacht

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to spend time with your family and a few friends, away from other people. In this case, you can opt to rent a boat for a few hours and have a private party. You can go during the night and enjoy the city lights. Or you can during the day and take a dip in the water or play games with your loved ones.

A private vacation will keep you safe as well. You and your loved ones will have limited exposure and interactions with other people. However, you still need to follow safety regulations, such as getting vaccinated, limiting the number of people in a mass gathering, and so on.

Participate in Sea-related Charity Work

You can also take a more altruistic approach to celebrating your wedding anniversary. You can participate in sea-related charity work on the day of your anniversary. You can join a beach clean-up program nearby. If you have a rescue diver certification, you can also participate in underwater debris removal. Doing charity work is a great way to spend time together with the greater purpose of helping other people and saving ocean life.

If you don’t have the time to do volunteer work, you can also choose to donate to your chosen ocean-saving organizations. The pandemic is difficult for these organizations, and any amount you can donate will be of great help to them.

Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is also a great way to mark a milestone in your marriage. If you and your partner have not experienced scuba diving before, challenging yourselves to do it can strengthen your marriage. You can learn something new about each other by trying a new activity together. And who knows? You might even discover scuba diving as a hobby you both enjoy and do it more often.

Whichever activity you choose to do, it’s important to spend time together and do something that will make the occasion more memorable.

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