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Now Hiring: Changes in the Recruitment Process Post-pandemic

The global outbreak of COVID-19 brought with it a lot of unfortunate circumstances. Mass unemployment was one of the many side effects produced by the pandemic. The previous year saw the worst unemployment crisis to happen in recent history.

The discovery and development of a vaccine have prompted a shift in perspective. As the world slowly recovers from the wake of a global pandemic, drastic changes are sure to arise. Particularly within the job market, significant changes are expected to take place.

Changes in the Hiring Process

The number of job openings was deficient towards the end of 2020. Many believe that this year will see a complete turnaround, albeit slow. Employers will be looking to hire a lot of idle professionals. Considering the lockdown status of some states, however, companies might have a temporary hiring freeze for the first 6 months of the year.

Statistics showed that 84% of recruiters were still in the midst of re-imagining their hiring processes at the height of the pandemic. Around 58% of them looked to social media to connect with job seekers. The role of technology in recruitment has significantly increased.

This trend is expected to carry over in 2021. Seamless, web-based recruitment management is now an absolute must for many employers. Investing in these types of tools will only help to optimize the recruitment process.

Job Hunting

Countless industries remain in trouble in the wake of the pandemic. Recovery for the sectors that were hit the hardest will also be a daunting task. Many unemployed workers will surely be forced to make significant career shifts.

Some professionals might even consider going back to school. Obtaining new skills and take post-graduate studies are some ways to supplement their previous experiences. This will certainly help ease their transition to finding new jobs.

Well-Written Documents

The demand for services of professional resume writers will increase. There will surely be a massive influx within the job market once it improves. Of course, recruiters will only be looking for the best. One of the easiest ways to distinguish job seekers from their competition will be through their paperwork.

Asking for help to effectively highlight their skills, achievements, and the like will likely give job seekers an edge. Appealing cover letters will also be essential. The role of professional resume writers will be vital for a lot of potential employees.

Virtual Interviews

Both sides of the spectrum have definitely underestimated virtual interviews. It’s no surprise that interviews will now be conducted through videoconferencing applications. However, this part of the process will also take longer than before.

Job seekers should expect to undergo anywhere from 3 to 8 interviews before receiving a job offer. On the side of recruiters, online assessments are much harder to conduct. This is why they make candidates go through several interviews before deciding.

Changes in Work Dynamics

employees workingAn important factor that also affects the job market is the state of currently employed professionals. Knowing how employees feel about their current job and how they handle the pandemic’s challenges is essential.

Decrease in Loyalty

Being in a physical office or workspace can be a game-changer. A lot of the complaints that professionals have made recently is their feeling of isolation. Many of them feel no connection to the companies they work for, given the work-from-home arrangements.

Many people are expected to worry more about the future of their professional life given these circumstances. Workers will definitely begin updating their resumes and sending them out to land better jobs elsewhere.

Early Retirement

Many older professionals are finding it harder to adapt to the pandemic. Their unfamiliarity with digital platforms makes them vulnerable to being dismissed. Many companies, to cut costs, are finding it easier to push older workers into early retirement.

This trend essentially affects all job levels. Executives, middle-level, and lower-level employees alike are being let-go by employers. Doing so might increase their hopes of recovering faster from the devastating effects of the global pandemic.

Increase in Burnout

A lot of people are suffering from all kinds of mental strain. There are several challenges that employees face within the current context. The lack of work-life balance, feeling overworked, and anxieties induced from fear of losing their jobs are just some of these.

For many, this can easily be solved by taking a couple of days off to recollect themselves. For others, this could lead them to quit their jobs entirely. Employers should take note of the mental health of their employees as well.

COVID, Careers, and Employment

Suffice it to say. The world is changing in the wake of a global pandemic. A major paradigm shift is already taking place. Professionals, whether employed or unemployed, should prepare for these changes. Likewise, businesses should be able to address these matters accordingly.

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