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Orange Farming: What Are the Necessary Tools?

Oranges have been known to give numerous health benefits, snagging for itself a position among the top favorite fruits of all time in the world. Not only is the fruit used as a snack, but it also serves as an ingredient in many dishes. Whether you eat the fruit as part of your breakfast or as an energizer during the day, you will probably only wonder about their harvest when they are scanty.

After an orange tree produces ripe fruits, one must consider how to go about harvesting. Often, people use large plastic bins to collect the fruits before sorting them for the different ways they get to the shelves. Tools used in picking them include:

Pruning shears

There are various types of shears, but the most commonly used one in harvesting oranges is the bypass shears. They are popular because they can cut stems gently with a sharp blade. Other than having two edges, they have for the second, a curved metal that will hold the stem to keep it in place. If one is to be successful in clipping oranges with pruning shears, they must cut close to the orange but avoid harming the rind. Sometimes disease can be transmitted across plants using the shears, so one must sterilize them with alcohol after using them in each tree. Additionally, one must wear gloves and other protective gear to avoid bug bites and scratches.

Picking ladder

When you opt to handpick fruit, a ladder is important to help you reach the top parts of the tree. Ladders will typically be found as tripods. Three legs offer extra support so that the ladder is not leaning on the tree. Stay away from ladders not meant for use in fruit-picking. Using the wrong type of ladder could cause an accident.

Telescoping pruner and bucket picker

gardener pruning old tree with pruning shearstelescoping pruner is a classic shear with an extended cutting edge and a long stick. These devices are ideal to use with easy-to-reach fruit. They can also be used on a ladder to provide an extension along the length. Squeezable handles make the pruner easy to use. A bucket picker, on the other hand, offers padding for the orange to fall on. You will not have to hand catch fruit; the half-enclosed picker will be located on one end of a stick. One places it around the orange, twists, and pulls. The basket holds the fruit, maintaining quality.

Picking bags

A picking bag is like an apron. You tie it to your torso with the straps it comes with. The hanging portion at the chest has a pocket where you drop oranges as you pick them. When you have collected enough, the bag’s bottom opens to release the oranges into another container.

Whether you are picking by hand or harvesting using shears, it is crucial to have a harvest bin or bag. Typically made of plastic or wood, the bags smooth the harvesting process and prevent accidental damage. They help to keep fruit fresh and to move it to the storage area quickly.

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