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Preparing for the Storm: How to Strengthen Your Home

Wherever you live in the country, there are many things that can destroy or damage your home.  The damage could be as simple as gutter and roof issues or carpet and flooring damage that a usual residential cleaning could resolve. But there are a lot of threats to consider that can do a lot of damage in a property.

For example, earthquakes are known to cause shifts to the ground, which could crack the foundation of your house. You might also experience the petrifying situation of getting stuck inside a tornado. However, there is no threat as constant and as damaging that can compare to what a storm can do. You might see lots of people lose their homes to a raging hurricane. Fortunately, you can find ways to solidify and strengthen your property if you hear that there is a storm coming in your area.

Maintain the Drainage System

Water will be your main enemy when it comes to a storm. Since you will be expecting pouring rain, you need to find a way to prevent the water from getting inside your house. Fortunately, you already have a drainage system in your property. However, you will find that the pipes and drain have obstructions blocking the way. If you have a clogged drainage system, you might notice that your home is getting flooded in moderate rainfall. You should always make sure that the pipes and drain do not have clogs. You can pour boiling water into the drainage system to clear up the materials clogging the path. If the problems persist, you should consider contacting a plumber.

Pay Attention to Wiring

Water may still find its way to your home, which means that you will need to keep it a safe space. If liquid manages to reach faulty or exposed wire, you might be putting your loved ones at risk. Water is a great conductor of electricity. If flood starts to get in contact with the wires, you and your family might suffer from shock or electrocution. Some incidents might lead to major injuries or death. If you want to avoid the scenario from happening, you must put your wires at a height that is not within the normal flood level. Taping and securing exposed wires are also viable solutions.

Turn to Metal Roofing

Water may be your worst enemy during a storm, but you will find that it has a lot of allies. When the air starts to blow roughly in your area, trees and other foreign objects might fall into your property. Unfortunately, the roof can only take so much damage before it collapses. If you want to make sure that your shelter is a safe space, you should consider strengthening your roof. You can switch to metal roofing in your state. A metal roof will prevent foreign objects from crashing and tearing your house apart during a heavy storm.

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Replace the Drywalls

The drywall is a very good protective layer of the home interior. You will find that it can keep water from entering the house during a storm. However, water can still cause damage to your drywalls. They can sustain water damage from multiple storms, but their durability will not last forever. If you suspect that your drywalls are no longer capable of protecting your home, you should consider replacing them. Fortunately, the material is easy to install and cheap to buy. However, you should consider hiring a contractor if you want to make sure that the installation is flawless.

Failing to prepare for a storm might put you and your loved ones in danger. If you want to protect your family, you should consider these tips to strengthen your home.

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