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How You Can Remodel Your House Effectively This Year

Staying indoors for most of the day for over a year now, you might have practically memorized your house’s every corner, elevation, wall crack, paint chip, crevice, watermarks on your furniture, and scratches on your appliances. You might have noticed aspects of your home that you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. But you know you had to fix it or are certain that the arrangement or the design doesn’t sit well with you. Every time your eyes lay upon them, the itch to redo them grows. You end up nitpicking things because you at least want that place to be a pleasant one when you’re stuck in the same place for long periods.

Say you already have a home office or an entertainment room, places that serve to distinguish your professional from your personal life. That’s good and all. However, there’s a room that seems like a miscellaneous one. It’s barely used, and if it is, it’s usually room for packages and things you’ll “sort out later.” You know this plain old room, maybe even with cobwebs and unbothered spiders you need to sweep off, has the potential to become either your next in-house spa, gaming room, or craft workshop.

Anyone would agree the pandemic has led them to think of repurposing rooms to more functional ones. After all, they need all the space they have, more so for families with many members with students and workers from home. You know how you feel. If you’re one of those looking into giving that extra space to match your new lifestyles, here are some home remodeling tips that’ll make the home feel new like you haven’t been stuck in it for over a year now:

Functional Spaces

Lucky for those who already have had their dedicated home office before working and studying from home was imposed. But some of you are still settling for that makeshift workspace that is often not the optimal one for concentration. Whether you’re about to make that home office a reality this year or you want to spruce up the one you already have, know the possibilities are endless. Having a spare room would be perfect for this project, but even a nook that would fit your desk, seat, shelf, equipment, and other essentials would suffice.

First, look for somewhere you know you wouldn’t be interrupted, say farther from the front and back doors, but soundproofing is always a valid option. If possible, the room should have a window for peeks out to a placid natural or urban view when your eyes get tired from long PC exposure, better if it can be opened for the entry of fresh air. Painting one of the room’s walls, preferably where your back would be facing most of the time and during Zoom calls, with bold color and adorning it with accent pieces that scream your individual style, is the way to go.

If you’ve found yourself a long-time, if not lifetime, hobby, this is also the perfect time to create your workshop. The same goes for when you’ve mastered giving yourself the treatments you used to get from the salon and spas. You can make these self-care activities more gratifying by having a spa room or expanding the functionality of your bathroom with smart technology. Imagine having all the space for drawers and shelves to stack in your material and tool collection.

Outdoor Living

The pandemic caused us to appreciate the outdoors more, and so it’s only right to give your patio or backyard a makeover. Aside from having your lawn landscaped for a slice of foliage, a fountain for that relaxing ambient sound of flowing water, and even a bird sanctuary in your premises, you could also consider replacing your furniture to allow comfortable and long lounging hours. And while you’re at it, you can upgrade your grill into an outdoor range for more versatile cooking and yummier meals out with the family.

Or why not bring the outdoors in? Installing folding glass doors on one of your house’s corners would do the trick. Open them when you feel suffocated and enjoy the natural wind while you’re practically indoors.

Booking a Contractor

With the rise in demand for house remodeling comes the rising difficulty to book a nearby available contractor and, consequently, the lengthened processing of permits. You can always opt for DIY if you’re confident. However, if this proves to be difficult but you’re just yearning for a new environment, you can consider checking out home builders associations in your area for ready-to-build plans or, better yet, participate in their annual parades of homes for any house that you might fancy.

There’s no better time to transform your humble abode than now. Claim it as one of your big projects this year and reap the benefits.

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