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Repair or Replace: Four Signs It’s Time for a New Garage Door

A garage door is among the first things people see. When fitted well, it adds to the aesthetics of your home and complements its overall style. Other than that, you also use it several times in a day, and it is essential in securing your home. When experiencing functionality issues, it is important to work with a reputable garage door repair professional in Utah to restore it. This will make the door last long and keep it in top working condition. Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance, a garage door cannot last for so long. How, then, do you tell that it is time for a replacement? Below are the signs:

1. Natural Wear and Tear

With the general wear and tear that comes with components of a home, it is easy to repair them. This natural process will see your door suffer dents and exposed to harsh weather conditions, with its springs running out of their given cycles. Other signs of aging are noises in the form of squeaking, grinding, or banging.

A garage door should run smoothly most of the time, with the breakdowns reasonably spaced. In case your garage door keeps malfunctioning and you are always scared that it might stop functioning, the problem is probably the whole unit. Consider replacing it for your peace of mind and to eliminate the frequent inconveniences.

2. Increased Maintenance Cost

man fixing his garage doorOther than general functionality, the garage door also affects other aspects of your home. In case there are problems with weather stripping or insulation of your door, you are likely to notice inflated heating bills. Also, regular breakdowns as a result of aging or difficulty in getting spare parts show that it is time to get a new one. When the maintenance cost of the door is ongoing and constantly drawing from your pockets, install a new one.

3. Diminishing Aesthetic Appeal

In most cases, garage doors last for up to two decades. Within this time, it is likely that you will have made various changes in your home. As a result, the door may not fit in well with your current style. Getting one that fits in and has a modern touch gives your exterior more appeal than holding on to an old door. Also, new models come with better technological features that add to their capabilities.

4. Failing Safety Features

Garage doors are meant to keep whatever is beyond them safe. Therefore, they tend to be heavy. If they slam on something, they can cause extensive damage or even death. Fortunately, they are fitted with sensors that ensure that they reverse in case something gets on their way. When your door doesn’t do this, or in case it keeps slamming shut unexpectedly, it poses a risk to property, pets, and family members. It also makes your home vulnerable to external attacks. If it doesn’t act as normal or close all the way, it is time to get a new one to eliminate associated dangers.

The functionality of your garage door is significant as it reinforces the safety of your home. Scheduling regular maintenance with a garage door repair professional ensures that necessary repairs are done on time. If these do not solve the problem or there are other associated issues that render the door inappropriate, seek a replacement for the whole unit.

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