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Safety in the Workplace: Improving Fire Emergency Preparedness

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. However, some kinds of accidents can be managed effectively with proper preparation. A fire is one of them. Being inside a burning office building is scary and traumatising.

But with the right preparation from both the company and the employees can help reduce the loss of lives and other medical accidents. Companies are required to have a fire emergency contingency plan in place, and there are a lot of ways to make it more effective.

Maintain and invest in tools and equipment

Having fire and safety signages or signs, as well as fire exits and fire alarms, is important in case of an emergency. That, along with extinguishers and other emergency and safety equipment are the ingredients to a safer and more secure establishment.

However, it is essential to take note that the presence and availability of such tools are not enough. It has to be well-maintained and is functioning well for it to be considered effective and useful.

Improve your developed plan

Every establishment is required to have a contingency plan. Having a plan in place is not enough. It should also be regularly reviewed and tested to make sure that it will work in case fire strikes anytime. The plan should be able to cover not just you and your employees’ safety, but also other people who might be in the establishment at that said time.

Protecting files and documents that are crucial to the company should also be done.

Employee training and refreshers

person taught to extinguish fire

Accidents and emergencies do not happen all the time. Thus, it is easy for one to relax and forget the things that they have learned, or even remember that there is a plan in place. It is usual for a person to panic and deviate from the things talked about.

In order to avoid such things from happening, regular information dissemination, as well as employee training and refresher courses, are important. Sounding like a broken record with the things one must do in case of fire, is more beneficial than not putting out reminders at all.

Aside from being aware of what to do, training employees to work as a team in order to carry out the contingency plan as effective as possible is also very important. Employees who know their respective roles to play can help improve order and efficiency even in the case of an emergency.

Adherence to local safety laws

Always be updated with local and national policies when it comes to fire emergency plan. Aside from being a requirement, adhering to these laws is one of the most effective ways to have an operational fire escape plan.

Fire can strike any time and can easily take away lives and properties. But with proper preparation, the right mindset, and having useful resources at one’s disposal, getting out of a burning establishment with minimal damage and no lives lost is possible.

Continuously improve your establishment’s fire safety plan. It will not make your workplace fireproof, but it can definitely lessen casualties and damages.

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