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Saving on Household Expenses the Right Way

There’s a good and bad kind of saving. When you save enough money for the rainy days and give yourself enough for your basic expenses, that’s good. But when you’re compromising quality and going through extreme measures to penny pinch, down to the point that you’re reusing items that shouldn’t be reused, you’re saving in a bad way.

There are several areas in the house that give you a chance to save, but make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Utilities and Appliances

The easiest way to save on household expenses is to be more mindful and conscientious of your utility bills. Water bills can get high when you don’t close faucets properly or don’t inspect for leaks around the house. You might also be wasting money by not considering hot water heater replacement thinking it will cost you money. The truth is, the more you leave your faulty water heater unrepaired, the more water and energy you’re wasting to get the water to a certain temperature. Salt Lake City residents should think about how much energy each appliance in the house uses, and find ways to cut down on their consumption. Those appliances you leave plugged even when they’re not in use might still be using electricity and adding to your bills. Older appliances are also known to be energy guzzlers, so consider the long-term benefits of upgrading to newer, more energy efficient models.


Each person in the household needs clothes to keep them comfortable all year. The quality of clothing and the frequency of purchase can be improved to save the family some money in the long run. Instead of buying frequently in fast fashion brands, consider clothing that will last more seasons and can be worn in several ways. Do away with trends and go with classic pieces you can wear with each other. When your wardrobe is full of low-quality clothing, you’re wasting space and money because they will need to be replaced more frequently. It’s also a very wasteful practice, as textile waste is hard to recycle.


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Advice articles will tell you to buy in bulk to save more, but if you have a small family and wouldn’t go through the items you bought before their sell-by date, did you really save money? Instead of following advice meant to cater to most people, assess your family’s consumption and find ways to reduce food waste. The savings will follow. For example, if your family buys two dozen eggs but don’t use all of them, buy one dozen and make it work by substituting other products you already have at home. You’ll have to be creative when substituting ingredients in a recipe, but consider this a challenge to find new flavors while saving money. It will also work for milk, condiments, spices, and even meat purchases. The goal is to buy less and use up everything you have, not buy more for savings that eventually go to the bin.

It’s a good thing to save, but it should be done without compromising your lifestyle or being wasteful in other areas. Know how to improve your way of living to find areas for savings.

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