Seemingly Simple Things That Can Damage Your Car

Sometimes, what we see isn’t the real thing; our eyes and brain can be tricked. That is why we need to have a second look and think carefully. In some cases, we think that simple things aren’t that significant or are no big deal. But most of the time, those small things have the biggest impact.

When it comes to your car, which is one of your most precious possessions, you tend to be overprotective, and it’s normal. We all want our rides to stay shiny and well-maintained, which is why we take good care of it. But sometimes, we tend to ignore small things, which we think couldn’t have any effect on our vehicles.

Well, it turns out these things can cause significant damage if left unresolved. The best thing you can do to avoid this problem is to build a garage with a functional door.

Bird Droppings

Isn’t it annoying to see bird droppings all over your hood and roof when you wake up in the morning? This usually happens when you park your car under a tree and leave it there overnight. Birds and chickens love to sleep on the branches of trees; hence, the white and gray patches on the ground every morning.

If ignored, these droppings will cause damage to the surface of your car, especially the paint job. The paint will eventually fade and chip, exposing the metal and increasing the risk of rusting.

Dog’s Urine

For some reason, dogs love to pee on anything vertical. It doesn’t matter if they are stray or domesticated. Among their favorite spots are walls, posts, and yes, car tires and sidings. That urine is washable, but if left on the surface for a long time, it can trigger corrosion and fading. Of course, you don’t want to have rusty mags or rims just because your pets or your neighbor’s dogs are urinating on your car’s exterior.


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If you don’t have a garage, chances are your car’s exterior components are showing signs of rusting. Being exposed to rainwater for a long time can damage your ride eventually. The safest option is to build a garage for your ride, and always park it there. Do not leave your car outside the garage, more so on the streets. Frequent exposure to rainwater can be detrimental to the look and integrity of your ride.

Leaking Battery

A leaking battery can cause corrosion, especially on the body of your vehicle. When the liquid reaches the components under the hood and sit there for days, white powder that looks like salt will start showing up. This will lead to corrosion over time. Washing the exposed metal parts is a good remedy.

Fresh and Dead Leaves

Whether fresh or dead, leaves will soon decompose and cause a chemical reaction that will damage the surface eventually. Leaves will also invite moss and other organisms, which can damage the paint of your vehicle.

As simple as they might look, but these small things can be big over time. Keep your car in the garage to avoid any of the problems mentioned here.

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