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Should An Senior Relative Stay with You?

As an adult child, it can be a little complicated to think about our parents’ living arrangements. It can be difficult for us to stay with them at their homes because of work and family priorities. But it’s also tough to leave them behind by themselves.

With that said, should elderly relatives stay with us at our homes? Or, are they better off with a local senior living facility?

Key Factors to Consider

For some families, the choice is more natural. But when it is harder to choose, you can always consider a few factors that can help with your decision.

Here are a couple of things you need to think through carefully


Aging can affect both our mental and physical abilities. However, the effects may differ from one person to another.

Tons of older adults are riddled with various health issues that make it harder for them to live independently. But there are also thousands of older men and women who are much stronger and sharper for their age.

Perhaps the most essential factor you need to consider is the health of your relative.

If they clearly can’t live on their own, they should move in with you. But, you do need to have the freedom to take care of them around the clock. You also need to be able to provide them with their medical needs, such as medications, therapies, and support.

If other factors come into play, your best bet is to move them to a senior care facility. Nursing homes are the perfect choice as they provide all-around medical care based on your relative’s needs.

Your Lifestyle

Your work and home life should also be a significant factor when deciding.

When an elderly relative moves in with you, and they require medical attention, you need to be there for them 24/7. That means it’s best if you don’t work and your children are older or capable of handling themselves.

Once your senior mother, father, or uncles and aunts move in with you, you become their caretaker. Lots of accidents can happen when they are left alone with health conditions.

If you can’t commit to that full-time, it’s best to arrange for them to stay at a senior care facility that can provide them with all their needs.

Then again, remember that getting them into a senior living will cost you. You should be prepared to pay for their home monthly.

If you don’t have the resources, it may be best to get them to live with another relative. Or, you can hire a personal caretaker for them at home when you’re at work. The latter allows you to take care of them when you’re free, but it’s also cheaper as you’re only paying for the hours the caretaker is in.

A Family Decision

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When it comes to deciding about the future of your elderly relatives, make sure the entire family is in on the decision. You’ll need the opinion of everyone to better come up with the best solution and planning.

Of course, don’t leave your senior parents out. It’s best if they get to have a say about what happens to them, too.

Your senior loved ones may have more special needs than they were younger. You need to consider their situation carefully before choosing between allowing them to live with you or in a facility that specialized in senior care. Take enough time so you’ll come up with a decision that is favorable for you and your senior relatives.

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