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Smarter Homes: What Innovations Modern Houses Need

In today’s digital age, smart home systems and devices are becoming more advanced and all-encompassing than ever before. Using smart systems at home isn’t just about asking Alexa to answer basic questions—you can now turn the lights on/off in your bedroom without getting up or automatically detect leaks.

These innovations and devices provide homeowners a sense of convenience, allowing them to enjoy most of their properties without much effort—fulfilling substantial needs.

That said, here are the top innovations every smart home needs.

Thermal Leak Detector

Smart thermal leak detectors can help homeowners detect leaks and fix insulation within their homes. They’re efficient in monitoring the ducts, windows, and other spots vulnerable to insulation. You can scan the area using the detector, which changes red for warmer areas and blue for colder ones. This device lets you save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills, improving the insulation inside your home.

That s why besides having your air ducts cleaned by professionals every quarter of the year, it’s best to add smart leak detectors to your HVAC system. Doing this helps you ensure the air you breathe inside your home is clean and safe while making sure it’s leakage-free, preventing mold growth.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

One of the best ways to conserve energy while making your home more efficient is by investing in smart or wireless LED light bulbs such as the Philips Hue LED lighting system. You can now say goodbye to traditional on/off wall switches and enjoy the convenience of the modern smart lighting fixtures that users can control through their smartphones.

Users can control this innovative lighting system through mobile apps and a Wi-Fi bridge—allowing you to remotely turn the lights on or off or schedule them to turn off or on using your phone. These quality and energy-saving modern LED lights are best for home and office environments.

Intelligent Mirror

A cool device that every modern homeowner should invest in is the newest intelligent mirror, giving you water- and fog-repellent mirrors that can turn into a digital screen. With this latest innovation, smart mirrors can let you read important emails, the latest news, weather forecast, and even videos while brushing your teeth or fixing your hair. Plus, the mirror comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, integrated speakers, and an HD camera.

Although it’s still in the works, manufacturers are working on adding a QR code reader and a function to allow customers to buy products online through the mirror.

Bed Radiator

Bed radiators or ‘bediators’ use an intelligent room heating technology providing the ideal room temperature during the winter months. Unlike conventional radiators, a bed radiator is energy efficient and saves you money from your energy bills. It’s a stylish radiator that you can use as a bed with a flip where you push a button, and it automatically flips and slides onto the floor. Additionally, its LED display offers more information like the current date and room temperature.

Smart Faucet

If you’re looking to make your home smarter and more sustainable simultaneously, investing in an eco-friendly and smart faucet can save up to 15,000 gallons per unit every year. This innovative device lets you save water and conserve water resources, allowing you to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint. It’s hygienic and contamination-free as there’s no use in using the valves.

Wireless Door or Window Sensor

Because of innovations like Z-wave, you can now provide an added security measure to your home. It’s an affordable and efficient security system that can alert any intrusive activities detected. You can remotely and efficiently monitor your doors and windows through smartphone apps, alerting you of any intrusion in time. Additionally, these sensors let you verify if all doors are closed, regardless of your current location.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Thanks to the popularity of the classic ‘Roomba’ or robotic vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning and vacuuming have become easier and hands-free—and it’s only going to get better from there. For instance, the latest model from Deebot is capable of detecting and navigating floors better, automatically empty dust bins, and have different modes to clean any floor type with ease.

The best part is, even when you’re not at home, you can pre-set it to clean your floorings, freeing you from one tedious house chore.

With the continuous advancements in technology, plenty of cool and functional gadgets are adorning modern homes—changing most people’s lifestyles. The devices mentioned can help spruce up any modern home, making your house smarter, convenient, and functional.

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