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Start Your Own Business: 10 Service Business Ideas You Can Kick Off Anytime

During this pandemic, most folks would rather just stay home and have people come over to get stuff done or run errands for them.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to start your own service-oriented business, now is the best time to dive in.

10 Service-Oriented Business Ideas to Get You Started

  1. Pet Grooming

If you’re good with animals and love working with them, pet care is a good place for you to start. Most people treat pets as members of their families, giving them love and attention as they would any human being. For this reason, pet grooming services have grown to be very in demand over the past decade.

  1. Collectibles Searching

Collectors and hobbyists are always on the lookout for valuable items to add to their collections. You can offer your services to scout items for their collections in a book store, a swap meet, a thrift shop, flea market, or just about anywhere their collectible items are found.

  1. Professional Organizing

For people on-the-go who don’t have time to tend to their homes and get organized, a professional organizer will come in handy. If you’re organized and meticulous about cleaning and you can offer your services to help them at home once or twice a week

  1. Fitness Coach

Since the pandemic broke out, a lot of folks have jumped on the fitness bandwagon to boost their immune system. If you’re knowledgeable about health and fitness and you have the passion to help people out, this is the perfect business for you.

  1. Meal Prepping

A meal prepping business will be beneficial for those who don’t know how to cook and those who don’t have time to do it. Your skills in the kitchen will prove valuable to them, especially if you offer them healthy yet delicious meals daily.

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  1. Cover Letter/Resume Writing

A lot of people are currently looking for jobs, but not everyone knows how to make themselves look good on paper. You can put your writing skills to good use and help these people out by carving out their resumes and writing cover letters for their job applications.

  1. Mystery Shopping

Do you love shopping and want to get paid for doing it? Several business owners are on the lookout for mystery shoppers to rate their shopping experience at certain establishments. These shoppers then give their feedback to the shop owners to help them improve their products and services.

  1. Business Plan Consulting

If you’re a business-savvy person and you’re knowledgeable about the ins and outs of running a business, you can serve as a consultant to people in need of business guidance.

  1. Hospital Bill Auditing

We all know how expensive it is to be admitted to a medical institution. Patients’ families are usually caught by surprise when the bill gets to their hands.

You can do them a huge service by hiring out your services to audit their hospital bills to ensure that no exorbitant charges are made. You may also work with the hospital to see if they have other alternatives that can lower the patient’s billing statement without compromising the quality of health care they need.

  1. Computer Consulting

At a time when remote work is at an all-time high, the need for a fully-functional computer is a top priority. Employees and students are now dependent on their desktops and laptops for work and school. If you’re a whiz at computers, whether you’re an expert at Linux or you have very extensive knowledge about computer maintenance and troubleshooting, your services are considered highly valuable.

We hope that the list above has given you ideas of which line of business to get into. We wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors!

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