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Things to Consider for your Dream House Landscape

Surely, it’s very exciting to design a yard for your dream house. You’ve put in so much hard work to finally be able to get the yard you’ve wanted for quite some time. And now, you’re finally getting started!

It’s tempting to dive in and get started on it. But that’s not ideal. Designing and creating a landscape requires a lot of planning and preparation. You can’t just start without thinking everything through.

Spend some time to plan and visualize what you want your yard to look like. How much land do you have? In what ways can it be utilized? These are just some questions you need to ask yourself.

With the help of landscape design services in Salt Lake City, you can make your vision into reality. But before getting started, lay down your plans and consider these things for your landscape:


The design of your landscape will rely heavily on the size of the land you have. You need to take into consideration how to proportion your yard.

When it comes to landscape design, everything needs to tie up well together. For instance, there must be enough pathway space for you to walk through without stepping on your plants. If you’re building a pond, it should be just the right size to have enough room for other elements.


What is your purpose in building a yard? Is it a place for the kids to play? Is it a running field for your dog? Is it for your gardening hobby?

How you’re going to use your yard is essential to determine how all the elements will be structured. If it’s going to be used as a playground for your kids, then a big space needs to be allocated for that purpose. If it’s for gardening, then the plants need to be situated in strategic locations.


Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

A theme is important for your yard to be unified and cohesive. Being an extension of your house, it needs to compliment your exteriors. Just as your house goes by a certain theme, your yard should also be organized by a specific design.

Having a theme will also guide you in designing your landscape. It will help you determine what plants you should grow, what decorations or ornaments to add, etc.

Try to think of what you want your yard to reflect. Maybe you can look for inspiration. Or list down a bunch of things you want to see in your yard and formulate a general theme based on that list.


Because it is a natural site, you have to take note of the climate. What kind of weather conditions do you have in your area? How much sunlight touches the land?

Climate and environmental conditions will determine how you should structure your yard. Plants should be placed in the area where they can get the sunlight they need. The temperature of the soil is also important to consider, as well as the noise and wind levels.

Remember that plants rely heavily on environmental conditions. So these should be taken into consideration when you design your yard.

Designing a landscape is not only for aesthetic purposes. Sure, you want your yard to look beautiful. But a more important aspect of it is the functionality. Everything needs to tie up well together. Your plants should be strategically situated where they can grow and flourish.

There are a lot of elements to consider when designing your landscape. So before you get too excited and start working on your yard, take our tips and formulate a plan first.

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