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Things to Consider When Choosing a Walk-In Bathtub for Seniors

Statistics state that over 15,000 seniors die of bathroom-related accidents on an annual basis. This number is quite large, and you would not want the senior in your life to suffer the same fate. That is why walk-in tubs were created. If giving your loved one a bath has been a hard task then such tubs will do all the work for you. They have been specially designed to ensure seniors get the most out of their bathing experiences, no matter their conditions. Available in an array of styles, sizes and equipped with a variety of features, all you have to do is take your pick and turn your loved one’s life around.

Overall safety

Believe it or not, any senior will tell you that they are perfectly capable of getting into any tub out there and enjoying a shower. However, this is not necessarily true. While the elderly may not want to feel indisposed, it is best to ensure that all relevant safety features are available with a walk-in tub for seniors. Some of these features include those that can prevent any slips or falls. It is best to also go for a tub that has specialty access for those seniors who use wheelchairs. They should be able to get into the tub and have a bath without getting any assistance.

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Just as you require privacy when you are taking a bath, so do seniors. As much as you would like to help them out with the process, especially if you are their caretaker. They will still appreciate a bit of privacy. No never wants to cool off in the shower when they are constantly being watched. Granted, you may have a fear of impending accidents, but leaving them on their own for a few minutes so that they can relish in the bath is exactly what they need. As such, ensure that the walk-in tub you choose comes with a bit of privacy.

Therapeutic features

When we become old, then our bodies will not function as well as they used to. Things slow down a bit, and this why seniors experience some pains and aches all over their bodies. Thus, it is best to choose a walk-in bathtub that comes with therapeutic as well as hydrotherapy features. This will go a long way in relieving pain, pressure, and ensuring that the seniors enjoy their bath. There are also tubs with hydrotherapy massage which will work well to eliminate ant tightness they may be feeling in their bodies. This way, they will always look forward to their bath sessions as they will be quite an interesting experience.

While these tubs may be a bit more costly than the regular tubs that you will want to install in your bathroom, they will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the senior in your life is well-taken care of when they want to have a bath. Even better is the fact that you can customize the walk-in tub to suit your loved one. Walk-in tubs are the answer to your prayers!

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