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Three Decorative Decisions to Develop Your Garden

The garden brings joy to the owners of the home. It’s filled with beauty, and one of the few places where you can connect with nature in a world full of concrete.

It doesn’t only serve as a place where plants can grow and be pretty. The garden is also a place where the family can come together. In the morning, the garden is the place to clock in a few minutes of exercise and a dose of Vitamin D. In the afternoon, the family can run around with their pets or have a little picnic. When the evening comes, everyone can stargaze while setting up the grill and opening bottles of beer.

The garden is truly a diverse space in the home, not to mention it adds 77% to the value of the property. Therefore, homeowners can definitely reap the rewards of investing in improving the looks of the garden. Here are three ways to add a little pizzazz to the patch of green outside your house:

Don’t forget the walls

If you’re in an enclosed lot, the walls are mainly there to serve as a barricade. That doesn’t mean they should be neglected, though, because things can be useful and pretty at the same time.

A simple paint can create a clean backdrop for the artfulness of the garden. You can also line it with greenery such as hanging plants or vines. If you want to be extra fancy, 3D rocks are available to add texture and personality to the wall. Make sure to contact the right concrete coating supplier so that you will know your wide range of options and decide on what you want to see on your wall.

Decorative rocks

Rocks have been known to avoid having a muddy ground when the rainy season hits. Adding a layer of them in the garden also prevents the growth of weeds on bare soil. On top of that, rocks can be pretty and add to the overall appeal of the space. Rocks can be used as pathways or outlines of a plant box.

Decorative rocks come in different colors, types, and sizes. One pretty option is river rocks. They’re smooth and round, perfect for decorative areas, especially the pond. For walkways, crushed granite and lava rocks give a very earthy and natural feel to the garden. They’re also rough and edged which makes them slip-proof.

Plants in different shapes and forms

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You might have seen plants of interesting shapes and forms in fancy, maze-like gardens. Swirls, hearts, animals, and even people, topiaries give a unique feel to the garden. Plants with dense foliage are great for topiaries. They can be vines, herbs, hedges, and shrubs that are encased and take the form of the wire molding.

However, topiaries can be gigantic, and not everyone has a wide lawn in their backyard. When this is the case, trimming bushes into simple shapes can spruce the garden and make it look neater. You can also arrange some flowers to accentuate their colors while forming a 2D shape with it.

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