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Top Five Ways to Save on Energy Cost in Your Home

We are lucky to be living in a world where the use of technology can help us lower our energy bills and innovation allows us to live more efficiently. It is often a wonder why there are still many people who suffer from huge electric bills since there are so many things that we can do to keep the cost of warming and cooling our homes down.

If you have central air conditioning in Provo or in the area where you live, you are aware that the cost of the energy bill has quadrupled in the last decades. While there are energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, these are not enough to save on electricity cost and help the environment. Instead, it’s the little things that can lower down your energy bills by up to 20% or more.

Seal All Air Leaks

Whether you cranked up the heating system or the air-conditioning system, sealing all air leaks is an integral step in keeping the energy bill down to a minimum. When air can get out or in through the cracks in the windows and doors, it changes the temperature of the indoor space. As a result, the heating or cooling system will work overtime to reach the thermostat that you set. Check the cracks, gaps, and openings around your doors, windows, wiring, and pipes, and seal them with tape or foam.

Use Natural Lights

During the day, do you have to open all your lights? A big portion of your electricity cost comes from the lights that you use in your house. Aside from switching to dim lights (so that you use as much light as you need) and LED, you can also simply open your windows to let the light from outside stream indoors.

Dry Your Laundry and Dishes the Natural Way

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Instead of using the dishwasher and the dryer to dry your dishes and clothes, you can let Mother Nature do what it does best. Put up a clothesline in your backyard and hang the clothes there to dry. If this is not possible, consider hanging the clothes on the shower rod or a drying rack. As for your dishes, leave them to dry on the counter.

Unplug Phantom Loads

Are you aware that a whopping 75% of your electric consumption comes from appliances that are turned off? When you turn off your Smart TV, are you turning it off, or are you just putting it on standby? Phantom loads come from the electric usage of appliances that have time or other settings. Your TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances all contribute to the rise of your electric bill.

Do an Energy Audit

Utility companies offer a free home energy audit, so you can identify areas where you could trim your energy use. You can also ask a professional to do an energy audit so that you can be advised accordingly which appliances cost high electric rates and which areas of the house need additional insulation for better climate control.

The key to saving energy is just within your reach. These simple tips will lower the energy consumption of your home. It will allow you to set aside an emergency budget instead of spending all your money on utility bills.

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