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Top Tech Innovations to Shape the Global Automotive Industry This 2021

Just like other industries worldwide, the global automotive industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs brought by technological innovations. Industry key players incorporate these tech developments in their respective planning and operational procedures, for better or worse.

As the COVID-19 pandemic still rages on, the apprehensions felt by industry executives and employees continue to this day. If you’re among the many individuals who are searching for predictions as to what and how this year’s expected tech innovations will shape the global car manufacturing industry, here are the top tech developments you should watch out our:

Mass transit will shrink in popularity as micromobility becomes the norm

The scare caused last year by the COVID-19 crisis is still pretty much felt until today, which explains why mass transports across urban areas in many countries have suffered steep declines. As people are increasingly favoring personal modes of transportation to go from one destination to another, it’s only logical to expect that micromobility will be a huge hit for this year and the years to come.

Expect to see more and more people aboard electric scooters, Segways, motorized scooters, and other small transportation vehicles. As these technological products become more advanced, cheaper, and more accessible to the public, it might not be long before they become the vehicles of choice for worried commuters.

The used car segment will explode

Just like in the case of micromobile vehicles, used cars will also become huge this year. This is for first-time car buyers who need to regularly take family members and light cargoes with them. Also, personalized motorhomes from a used body will likely be a hit, as travel restrictions get lifted and with families eager to push through with their long-delayed holidays.

Right now, there is an anticipated 9 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025. This could go high or lower but with the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and the lingering worries among commuters taking mass transit, it’s safe to say that used car sales will continue to be robust at least for 2021.

Carmakers will be forced to embrace digital technology


The newer car models that roll out of production lines these days already have a digital console with iOS and Android operating systems running the show. For 2021, there are predictions that such a trend will continue and expand further, with car companies partnering with technology giants to develop proprietary software that would work exclusively for future car models.

This is an expected development since an increasing number of automotive buyers are looking for features that will make vehicle operation easier, smoother, and more intuitive. As such, car manufacturers who are gunning for such a market will have to make efforts to make their cars more digitally-inclined.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry will have a much-needed boost in several countries

Experts are predicting right now that 2021 will usher in further growth for the emerging electric vehicle (EV) niche. In the US, for example, the Biden administration is seen to be a strong ally for EV advocates, which could make EV explode this year and beyond. In China, meanwhile, the government is expected to make efforts to promote EV sales growth through measures such as making restrictions on ICE registrations.

All of these projected developments will no doubt propel the EV segment to greater heights, which could lower toxic vehicle emissions in countries where EVs have a strong performance.

Automotive transactions will continue to be done electronically

Back in 2020, car buyers, manufacturers, and dealers had to make do with doing their transactions online. There was the trend of online car model launches and virtual tours, as well as digital reservation, ordering, and payments.

As with other aspects of the global automotive industry, this shift to digital technology in terms of marketing car models and paying for them is among the direct effects of the pandemic. And for carmakers and dealers who wish to continue making profits for 2021, it’s an inevitable route they must take.

3D printing technology will benefit carmakers in many ways

In recent years, 3D printing technology has seen wide acceptance in the fields of engineering, medicine, and car manufacturing. From producing prototypes of car models and making replacement parts and automotive tools, the automotive industry has been making huge leaps in terms of production cost-efficiency, speed, and accuracy. There’s no reason why such positive benefits will not contribute to the technology’s continued use in the automotive world.

Based on all indications, these tech innovations for the global automotive industry surely make 2021 a bright prospect for everyone involved in it.

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