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Transform Unused Space in Your Home with These Ideas

An effective way of increasing living space in a house is to add over and under your property. This means possibly adding another floor or getting contractors to perform basement finishing to create more space downstairs. Although these suggestions are good to hear, there are creative ways to get the most out of your property’s square footage without dramatically altering the footprint of your house.

Here are clever ideas to help you transform the unused space in your property:

Convert Underutilized Rooms

If you have a large home, you may have one or two rooms set up as a bedroom or living room for your guests. If you don’t have guests staying frequently in your house, however, you may want to consider turning that extra room into space you’ll use regularly. List down the activities you’re interested in and turn that spare room into space for your hobbies. An example is turning one of your guest rooms into a home gym or a game room.

Identify “Unfinished” Areas

If your house has a third-floor space or an incomplete basement or garage, consider creating additional rooms for these areas. These locations are suitable for play areas, hobby rooms, or a home theater. An unfinished-looking room, therefore, is a gold mine that you could work with right away.

Make the Open, Interior Spaces Cohesive

Although transforming underused parts and corners of an open floor plan is difficult, the task is not impossible with proper planning. ; The first thing you should do is to make the open space cohesive to tie everything together. Create a smooth transition using wall covers, cabinets, and floors that complement one another.

Relocate Furniture Strategically

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Sometimes, you’ll find certain pieces of furniture, such as a writing desk or a reading nook, in the wrong place. This prevents you from effectively using the underused spaces of your house. Instead of renovating or remodeling a specific living area right away, see if you can move around furniture. You could use the freed space to expand your workspace, living room, or other parts of your house.

Turn Your Outbuilding into a Personalized Hangout

If you have a sad, lonely garden or tool shed in your backyard, you might consider giving it a makeover. You, for instance, could place the tools in your garage. Then, transform that shed into your backyard gem.

Make Your Rooms “Dual Purpose”

An extra room, such as a guest room, shouldn’t be limited to just one function or purpose. You could give this space multiple functions to satisfy your needs or preferences. Fold-down desks, for instance, can turn into a bedroom for guests looking to stay overnight. Once they leave your house, you could transform those pieces of furniture into a work or hobby room.

Use Wall Space for Storage

The walls in your house could serve as extra storage space for your everyday household items. If possible, construct built-in cabinets or shelves to help you store small but frequently used items, such as spices, toiletries, books, and canned food.

These are just some ways to maximize unused spaces in your property. When repurposing or transforming your living areas, you just have to think outside of the box and explore the possibilities.

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