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Tricks to Keeping Your Concrete Floor Looking New for Longer

Concrete is one of the most resilient construction material known to man. It holds up our walls and most importantly keeps our floors sturdy and easy to use. Many homeowners and even commercial property owners opt for polished concrete floor since they are not only durable but also low maintenance.

All you need is some bit of regular maintenance and inspection, and your floor will serve you well for years to come. Here are some of the top things you must do to keep the integrity of a concrete floor.

1. Always be on the lookout for cracks

Cracks are the worst enemy to concrete. Always have concrete crack repair contractors on speed dial if you want your floor to last for long. Well cured concrete floors rarely crack but in case it happens, you have to not only seal them and refinish the floor but also find out why they happened.

There is a wide range of reasons this could happen, and your contractor’s experience will come in handy when troubleshooting.

2. Dust mop the floors daily

Running a soft microfiber cloth over the concrete floor on a daily basis gets rid of dust, debris, and dirt that not only makes the floor look ghostly but can also be abrasive. Getting rid of the loose dirt is the first step to maintaining your floor’s new look. You will, however, have to wet mop a couple of days in a week to get rid stains and other harder to clean spots.

3. Take care of spills quickly

Spills are a natural enemy to most concrete floor sealers. Some abrasive stains will eat into the concrete giving it an unsightly stain that could hold for life.

To avoid this, ensure that any spillages are moped up and the area cleaned as soon as possible. This reduces the chances of the spilt chemicals reacting with and damaging your otherwise flawless floor.

4. Treat the concrete with a water-resistant sealant.

Water resistant coating concrete flooring
Concrete is porous despite the fact that water seems to run off its surface. To keep it safe from the moisture, your concrete contractor uses a sealant that protects the underlying concrete from the elements.

A fresh coat of sealant is only good for a year or two depending on how much the floor is used. Resealing your floor not only gives it a fresh lease of life but also keeps stains, abrasions, and damage from getting to the layer of concrete below.

Concrete is a cheap go-to solution for a wide range of flooring needs. Despite its versatility, it is your responsibility to go that extra step and get good care of the floor and keep it from deteriorating sooner than you would want it to.

Proper maintenance and additional protective moves like throwing a mat over heavy traffic areas will always help you go that extra mile. If you do everything by the book, you won’t have to strip and reinstall that concrete floor for decades.

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