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Turn an Old Shed into a Livable Space in Six Ways

These days, sheds can serve more purpose than being a simple storage room. Why not repurpose your old, shabby shed into a gorgeous living space? You can turn it into a workshop, a mini-office or even a clubhouse for the kids.

After determining how you want to use your shed in the future, it is time to do some work. But before you go shopping, here are six things worth adding to your plan.

Do the necessary repairs first

Before anything else, make sure you check your old shed if there is any need for repairs. If it has been up for a couple of years now, chances are you might need to fix a broken window, a hole in the roof or even a rotten floor. If you know how to DIY, then create a list of the necessary repairs first. For instance, if your shed’s old roof is no longer safe, make sure to replace it soon. You can order high-quality roof sheeting from suppliers that deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Consider new flooring

Old sheds often have ugly floors. So, to transform your shed into a modern room, go for suitable flooring. Do the necessary coating or finishing to protect your new flooring against moisture and moulds to make sure it will last longer.

Paint it a new colour

A fresh coat of paint can turn the old space into a whole new shed. Is your shed located near your home? Then it would be best to coordinate the colours. If not, then feel free to let your imagination run wild. If you are turning the shed into a space for the kids, let them lend a hand by allowing them to choose the paint colour. Getting them involved will make them feel like they also have a bit of control over their new hangout place.

Add insulation

If you are going to spend many hours inside your new shed, then make sure to insulate the space. This way, you will feel comfortable inside, no matter the season. Check if the door needs weather-stripping. You can also try insulating your windows to keep your shed nice and warm even during the cold season.

Install LED lighting

No matter what future purposes your new shed will handle, make sure you install new lighting. Adequate lighting will not only help you navigate your way inside the shed. This can also brighten the room and improve the safety of the space. For best results, choose LED lights as they are more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Add some furniture and storage

Old wooden shed

To turn a shed into a more livable space, then you will need to add a few furniture and storage inside. Choose your furniture wisely as you may only have limited floor space. The good news is, you won’t even have to buy a brand new set of furniture since even second-hand pieces would work.
Transforming an old shed can be your next home improvement project. You get to repurpose the old space, remodel it and create an extended livable place for the family. It won’t require much time compared to other room renovations. It can even give you and your family more reasons to spend more time in your backyard by giving your shed a makeover.

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