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Unfeeling: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t ‘Follow Your Heart When Buying a Home

There’s probably no other more clichéd life advice than the all-too-familiar “follow your heart.” The mantra has probably saved a lot of broken hearts and reawakened so many passions. However, if you’re thinking about following this same advice to get the dream home you’ve been aching all your life, don’t. It seems right to do what you feel is the right thing to do, but it’s actually not. Here’s why:

You might just make an impulse buy

A home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in life. It makes no sense then to trust just your emotions in handling this decision. What’s tricky here is that you might not be aware that you’re falling into the trap of indulging in what your heart tells you. When you see a home that has all the nice, pretty things you always see in interior design magazines, you start feeling that it’s right for you. As soon as you hear that there are multiple offers on the house, you’re compelled to make the decision of rushing into buying it.

In some unfortunate cases, homebuyers end up overpaying for a home, missing better deals on the market. Be wary of those sudden bursts of excitement. The decision that comes after it is often not the best choice. Avoid impulse buys by reminding yourself of your budget and the consequences of not sticking to it. Talk to loan officers about your finances so that you can determine how much you can afford for a home.

Your heart may be playing tricks on you

What’s in your heart now may not be the same thing later. Emotions are very fleeting. You could be so in love with a condo unit now, but not so much in a year or two. Of course, tastes and preferences change as lifestyles change, but as much as you can, you want to home in on a home where you can live for a long period. That’s why beyond what your heart wants, you need to identify what exactly you need in a home.

If a home helps you meet your needs, you’re more likely to stay in it in the long run. Your list of needs should at least include the location, number of bedrooms, and layout of the space. As you visit homes, keep referring to this list. If a certain home has only the nice-to-haves and lacks the must-haves, don’t indulge in the tug of war feeling of it being right or not. It’s not. Go see the next home on your options. Consider checking out a condo in Cebu City as may show you, and you might just find it fitting for your lifestyle needs.

You may get too attached

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Homebuyers tend to have a favorite when it comes to house hunting. When you follow what your heart tells you, you might just find yourself setting unrealistic expectations on a property you saw only once or twice. This attachment can either leave you frustrated (when you don’t get the home) or disillusioned (when you do get the home). The best way to keep a distance from the homes you’re seeing is to list down the pros and cons you see for each home. This way, you’ll see them for what they are, rather than for what they could be, in your imagination.

Again, it’s bad advice to follow your heart when shopping for your next home. Don’t leave such a big decision to your emotions. Keep a cool, rational head all throughout.

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