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Cost-Saving Ways to Modify Your Car in 2021

From the moment you entered that car showroom, you knew what type of car you wanted in terms of appearance and performance. All you had to do was pick one that fit your criteria and style. Because you’ve saved up so much for that very moment, you knew you would cherish your car when you finally got your hands on it.

Any car owner knows the feeling when they find a car that’s really up their alley, sitting in that driver’s seat that fits their body’s contours the way they want, feeling the smooth steer of that wheel, testing out the effortless gear switch, listening to the way its engine roars, and checking the rearview mirror all feel like the stars have aligned to give them the best specifications.

Yet, months or years have passed by, and that same car has had to sustain inevitable abuse from you and the environment. What you once thought was your precious baby became not so attractive to your eyes anymore. You knew you had to switch it up even just a bit.

Our concept of beauty could be relative to personal experiences and trends. It’s but natural that we apply these changing styles to our belongings, whether it be our home’s interior and furniture, our fashion, our food preferences, our car, and just about anything we could express ourselves through for that desire to be appreciated by the world. However, the thought of doling out big amounts just stressed you out, so you had to push the plan aside.

But, what if we told you there are countless ways you can glam your baby up without leaving a huge dent in your wallet? No, it’s not just placing pop cult stickers on your dashboard or windshield or hanging plushies on your rearview mirror. We’re talking about different interior and exterior modifications that’ll make your ride feel like it’s been upgraded.

Lately, when travel has been less restricted, we know you want your ride to look dashing when it’s finally time to release it from the garage lockdown. There’s no better time to take on that transformation project than now. So, here are the best but cheap ways to customize your car:

Bling It Up

If you’re into bedazzled things, then know that you can do it for your car too. There are bling kits you can buy online with rhinestones in the color of your choice. Whether you want to bedazzle your steering wheel, the grille, the air vents, the buckles of your seatbelt, your license plate, or even the body of your car—it’s all up to you.

Add Seat Covers and Replace Floor Mats

You could also place gorgeously colored and quilted seat covers over your car’s seats. To get the bang for your buck, make sure you get those that are anti-slip, have a universal size, are padded for extra comfort, and, of course, are in the color you like. For sure, this will make you feel like you’re driving an all-new car.

Speaking of feeling like new, you’d never know how different it feels after replacing your floor mats with new ones until you do. If you’re up for this option rather than cleaning the original ones, you would want to buy one that’s universally trimmed for any car type and protects your car floor from all weather. Stepping into a car that’s matted with this new matting would be blissful if you could only imagine.

Wrap It Like You Mean It

Rather than painting jobs, having parts or your entire car wrapped is a more viable option if you’re tight on budget. Whichever color you want in whichever texture, such as glossy, matte, or chrome, there’s a vinyl wrap that can do that for you. Do it for your wing mirrors or roof alone, or combine different colors for the car’s entire body. Your options are limitless.

LED Strip Lighting

If you often drive during nighttime, you’ll appreciate the additional ambiance interior LED lighting can provide for your car. There are also kits you can buy online that you can install yourself. Just be precise in sticking them on to mimic the slick outlines of the car’s interior. In no time, you can live that sci-fi or futuristic fantasy you’ve always wanted.

There is also strip lighting for external parts of your car. There are ones specifically for the grille, wheels, turn signals, and tail lights. However, embellish these parts with caution as too much could deem to be a hazard when driving at night.

Wanting to make your car fully yours, or a spitting image of your persona if you will, is something you deserve, especially after some time holding back. Don’t deprive yourself of making art through your car. After all, the only things we regret are those we have chosen not to do.

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