Ways You Can Make Your Car Look Hot and Ride Hotter

The way your car looks and the way its engine purrs are the two most important things for any car owner. Most of us love our cars and don’t want them looking like Ace Ventura’s car, taking dents and cracks along the way. Even if many car owners were fans of the old Fast and Furious movies, very few would be interested in making their cars look like a rusty Chevy from drag clubs.

Buying a car undoubtedly requires a lot of effort and finance. Unless you have a silver spoon, buying a car with top-notch fittings and exclusive paint jobs can be tough on your pockets. Then you have got to save for the gas, too! Every person who likes to take their partner for a ride in the night wants their car to look separate from the city lights.

Every now and then, there comes a time when you must do the pampering of your car after a while of rolling around. Here, we bring you some efficient ways to make your car run better and let the looks make people go la-di-da. So let’s start the engines.

Clean Your Engine

A Ferrari sporting a blood-red color and chrome wheels would surely be a wood chip in your chest if it doesn’t work and just sits there by the lawn, costing you insurance money. The looks on the exterior won’t matter if the goods under the hood start to sputter every time you hit 120 on the freeway. Buffing up your car every weekend and yet neglecting the engine can cost dearly and may also put you in ugly situations.

So rather than being embarrassed among people, you should pop the hood from time to time to check on the engine. But if you see that your engine doesn’t exactly look like it’s in prime condition, don’t get the car loofa and a bucket full of soap water. There is machinery inside the hood, and you wouldn’t want things to worsen when you’re trying to rev it up.

Water inside some of the engine components can create long-term troubles and even expenses for replacement. To have a clean engine, use a damp rough cloth and sandpaper. Just relieve your car of leaves, driving dirt, grime, oil smears, and corrosion using the cloth and the sandpaper.

Tint Your Windows

One of the less talked about modifications for your car is window tinting. A trusty car tint shop in your area can provide you with this. Tinting car windows does come with limitations, seeing the regulations of roads. Although tinting your back window and the windows of the rear doors can add to the impression your car makes, window tinting can also be added to the front windows of your car. But you’d like to have a much lighter shade than that for the back windows. That is for the boys in blue to make out your face; otherwise, you’ll have to love cruising with the windows down.

Pull out the Dents on Your Car

When someone looks at your car sideways through the sleek finish starting from the headlights, a dent right behind your rear door is something that would destroy their feeling. It is sure to leave a dent in the sentiments of the owner. A dent on the body is the worst kind of pity spot on your car and kills the overall look, even with a fantastic paint job. It’s possible that the dent wasn’t your mistake and that the hit and suspect was too fast, but it’s still your job to restore the body of your ride.

You should go out browsing through car workshops and get a price quote, or simply get one of the many DIY dent pullers that easily pull out common dents at home. This is important before you even think of a new paint job because it won’t hide the dent. Some colors might make it look even more tragic.

Wax Your Car

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Car wax is one of the easiest and cheapest things that you can do at home. Or just pay someone to do it for you if you’re not confident enough about your way of doing things. Wax polishing on your car’s body gives the paint job a shiny finish and makes it look new. Wax polish is also known for its perks of removing small scratches and swirl marks on the paint.

A good wax polish on your car will increase the life of your paint job and protect it from everyday damage such as mild scratches, rust, and fading color. Waxing kits can be easily bought at your local auto shop or on online stores.

Use Car Wrapping

If you are not the kind of car person who interests themselves in stock colors and factory-made looks, car wrapping can be your ticket to giving a swanky look to your ride. Car wrapping is a rapidly increasing demand among car owners. Adding textures, graphics, and personalized designs to your car become cheaper when you choose wrapping instead of an artistic paint job.

Vinyl wraps can create a unique look on your car’s exterior and interior. They are entirely harmless to the actual body paint on your ride. To add to the benefit, if a part of the vinyl gets damaged, you can change just that portion and keep your wrap and money intact.

Customizing a car is the dream of many people. Making your ride a part of yourself always feels good. It goes for both the kind of handling or braking you want and the looks you want on your hood or dashboard, which grip your hands to the wheel while you drive.

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