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What First-Time Truck Drivers Should Expect

Back then, being a truck driver was usually associated as a man’s job. Nowadays, even women jump ship and pursue this challenging yet fulfilling career. Truck driving requires discipline and extensive driving skills, but it can turn out to be a job that can earn you a decent salary to sustain your financial needs. More importantly, it is a good stepping stone for people who are aiming for a long-term career in the trucking industry as well as in achieving financial freedom.

Truck drivers should also enjoy the same benefits as other employees and workers in Washington. Trucking lawyers can assist truck workers who have labor issues with their employers. While a lot of truck drivers love their job, most of them cannot help but be disappointed at times due to some malpractices within the industry.

With that said, first-time truck drivers should anticipate the following when working in the trucking industry.

1. You will not get rich quick working in this industry.

All jobs promise good compensation and benefits, including trucking jobs. There are truck driving jobs that pay well, which is good news. However, a six-digit annual paycheck can only be achieved if you have been working and have been proven yourself, career-wise, in this industry. It is better to set realistic expectations in terms of salary, avoid disappointments, and work harder to achieve your career goals.

2. Expect to spend some time away from your family.

This job requires traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles on a regular basis. Because of the constant demands of the logistics and transportation business, your family life may be sacrificed at some point. If you want to spend more time with your family while earning a stable income, then perhaps working as a truck driver may not be for you.

3. You might experience issues with your coworkers and employer.

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Workplace issues can be inevitable. Having conflicts with your supervisor or coworker can affect your performance. But just like you, they are also human. They get tired, stressed, angry, and everything else. They also have started from the bottom and got into where they are now at work. Issues aside, you should better focus on your career growth and deal with things civilly and professionally.

4. You may expect to feel stagnant in your job.

Not getting promoted soon does not mean you are not good enough. There are just some other people who deserve a promotion, mainly because of their hard work. There are also some drivers who love to be constantly on the road. On the other hand, some prefer to stay behind the desk to organize dispatch schedules. Everyone has their own time, and so are you.

5. Companies also have their issues, too.

A lot of trucking companies, especially small-timers, have already closed down due to economic problems including the rise of fuel. Some trucking companies also suffered due to poor management, low cash flow, and unorganized business structure. It can be risky to work with these kinds of companies, so aspiring truck drivers should also take time to do their own research.

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