Why Choose Concrete Floors for Your Home

Most homeowners wouldn’t even think of using concrete for flooring. However, with its chameleon-like quality, ability to look polished and take on a wide array of color, as well as its various benefits, you might consider giving concrete another chance.

With that said, below are the advantages of installing concrete floors.

Maintenance is Virtually Non-Existent

Provided that it’s sealed with the right epoxy floor sealers for your Utah home and specifically made for concrete, you will only need to mop your concrete flooring with water and cleanser every week. But it’s a good idea also to install a baseboard even if you don’t think you need it just for easier cleaning along the crevices.

Having a baseboard will likewise make your flooring look more cohesive and finished.

You Can’t Beat Its Versatility

Concrete flooring is one of the most viable options for outdoor-indoor transitions. When installing outdoors, the right penetrating sealers could be utilized if you don’t want that wet look. Concrete flooring could also be a crafty and more affordable option instead of salvaged wood.

And it also complements stone veneer walls perfectly. You can even opt for a stamped design to create faux wood grain effects that won’t look fake at all.

Concrete Flooring is Immensely Economical

Concrete flooring construction

Generally speaking, concrete floors cost approximately $2 up to $6 for a square foot. This includes polishing, couple that with concrete’s natural tonal variations and subtle cracks, and you instantly get that organic, stone-like look and feel.

If you’re looking for more decorative and elaborate effects, the cost will only be around five to eight dollars for a square foot. For example, stained concrete flooring is a very popular choice for many homeowners. The desired effect will only be limited by you or your installer’s imagination.

This involves varying application tactics and colors combined to give a finish that’s specific to your house, with understated, but detailed variants across the concrete floor. If you want that grid pattern line effect, it only costs about five to eight dollars for a square foot as well.

You can even have a glossy seal applied for roughly the same cost if you want your concrete flooring to have that limestone effect. For more intricate decorative faux effects like a marbled finish, expect to pay just seven to $15.

Keep Your Home Cool and Your Electricity Bill Low

Concrete is especially perfect for homes in warm climates as it does not retain heat, unlike other flooring options like ceramic tiles or wood. Simply put on some furry slippers or thick socks during the colder season.

Unparalleled Longevity and Sustainability

Concrete flooring bathroom of a modern hotel room

Provided that you maintain and polish your concrete flooring regularly, you can expect it to last more than a hundred years. And if you already have an existing slab of concrete, you just need to have it sanded down and sealed or polished to perfection.

It will look beautiful with textured or colored rugs and classy fixtures and furnishings.

So if you’re on the lookout for high-impact, yet low-maintenance flooring that will work on various home styles, concrete flooring is the way to go.

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