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5 Tricks to Maintain Your Tennis Court’s Excellent Shape

California once had eight public clay tennis courts and five made of asphalt that produced such a superstar as Rosemarie Casals who won several Grand Slam doubles during her career. Now, not a single public tennis clay court exists in the state, only privately-owned ones, due to the limited funding to maintain such facilities.

In Utah, thankfully, there are tennis courts that people can go to, whether private or public. And to keep these courts from suffering the same fate as those in California, it’s important for owners and managers to ensure proper and periodic maintenance of the tennis courts. Fortunately, there are reliable companies that offer tennis court resurfacing services in Utah, so keeping tennis courts in play-worthy conditions is achievable.

Meanwhile, here are five tricks that you can do to maintain your court’s great condition:

Schedule periodic maintenance

The simplest, yet among the most critical trick to maintaining the great condition of tennis courts is to schedule periodic maintenance. For example, daily maintenance may involve such simple tasks as sweeping and brushing. Grass and clay courts should be watered while turf courts that are sand-filled must be cleared of debris to ensure the safety of players. You can also schedule weekly and monthly maintenance jobs courtesy of your own personnel or by a professional service provider.

Implement proper usage rules

Players must be made aware of their part in keeping your court playable and safe. This would require you to implement proper usage rules in the court such as making the players wear non-marking footwear to prevent damaging the surface of the court. The set of rules that you would implement must correspond to the appropriate care requirements of the specific type of tennis court that you have. For this, you might want to consult with your trusted maintenance experts for drafting the court rules for all players to follow every time they play.


Hard courts, those that are usually installed outdoors, require different maintenance approach than clay and grass courts. Among other things, courts that are partially shaded and have visible mildew growth must be cleaned with a mixture of water, liquid detergent for dishes, and HTH. You may also need to power wash the entire surface to remove stains or dirt. But be sure to do this only if you have the proper training to do so since inappropriate power-washing could actually do more harm than good if the surface gets damaged.

Take care of the nets, straps, and posts

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You should also give some tender loving care to your nets, center straps, and posts to keep them in perfect shape. The net’s headband, for one, must be regularly cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. If needed, you should replace the headband entirely if it’s already too dirty or if there are stains that can’t be removed. The posts must also be checked for wear and tear like rust build-up. In the case of rusting, a simple coat of anti-rust products could do the trick.

Take care of other court facilities

The gates, tables, benches, scorekeepers, trash cans, and other facilities inside your court must also be taken care of. You must make sure that they are presentable, clean, and in great condition to keep players pleased and motivated to keep coming back to your court. In such a labor-intensive requirement, you should have a professional do all the hard work for you so you can devote your time to other court concerns.

Just be sure to entrust the more serious and technical maintenance tasks only to a reliable and trusted maintenance company. By doing so, you can be sure that everything will be done according to industry standards, so you can have a court that is conducive and safe for all your players.

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