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Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Home’s Outdoor Extensions

Almost everyone seems to have insufficient indoor space irrespective of the square footage of the house. Some people opt to put some of their stuff in offsite storage units. Others will sell a few of their belongings so that what remains can fit into their available space.

The best choice for keeping all your belongings without feeling too squeezed in is to invest in an extension of your home. For some, this means transforming their attic or basement and breaking down a few walls for extra space.

Patios and other outdoor spaces in your Sunshine Coast property can nonetheless offer an inexpensive solution for space beyond your home’s four walls. Instead of settling for a basic patio, you can spruce it up with walls, paved floors and décor elements to transform it into an all-round living space.

Alternatively, you can build an extension of one of the ground floor rooms. Though people steer clear of this alternative because it for a long time has been expensive, here are some budget-friendly ideas for your home’s extension.

Get a Side Return Extension for Your Kitchen-Diner

Side return extensions are not often used since people assume they add little value to their home. This extension can, however, transform a back and narrow kitchen into a light-filled and spacious one. The extra width you will gain with a side return extension can extend your kitchen into an open-plan kitchen-diner.

This can provide additional space for garden-facing seating and dining. Most local councils will not need planning permission for this kind of extension.

Install a Porch to Turn Hallways into Living Spaces

A porch will introduce some character into a home with a boring frontage while giving extra and practical indoor storage space. This is particularly worth considering if the front door opens to your living room. This porch should have a style that fits your home’s proportion and architecture.

You should also consider enclosing the porch with unbreakable glass to make it a space where you can host people and, at the same time, store your possessions.

Add a Bedroom over Your Garage

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Those with an attached garage and a strong foundation can consider building an extension on top of it. This extension can be used as a bedroom, and you will not have to sacrifice too much of your ground space. With this option, you might need a surveyor to assess the structural challenges you will encounter.

They can also help ensure that the extension looks and works like a natural part of your primary building.

Build a Conservatory

Conservatories match modern architectural styles as well as period-style homes. They are inexpensive extension solutions for year-round living space and an indoor-outdoor appeal. This extension is generally covered with glass walls and roofs and attached to one side of your home. You can use it as a sunroom or greenhouse.

Home extensions need not wait until you can get a loan or suddenly get a substantial monetary gift. With the above ideas, you can get the much-needed space for your home at a fraction of what you envisioned. While extensions sound easy to handle as your weekend DIY task, they need an expert to guarantee their safety, as well as their exceptional look, practicality and durability.

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