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Various Types of Personal Injuries Cases That Attorneys Deal With

When one suffers an injury out of someone’s negligence, the life of that person changes. You have to take care of huge medical bills; you lose income and other expenses sprouts. You should, however, know that you were not responsible for that accident and therefore, you are not supposed to carry all that burden. The injury may also cause permanent disability to you; therefore, creating an inconvenience you will never avoid.     That’s why lawsuits on personal injury exist, and as the plaintiff, you can hold the person or company accountable for your woes and get compensated. If you decide to take action toward defending your rights after an accident, then you may need to know the different types of personal injury cases.

Car Accident Cases

In the United States, car accidents contribute to the highest number of personal injury cases. When accidents happen as a result of the driver’s carelessness or failure to follow traffic rules, then the driver may be held financially responsible for all the injuries arising from that accident. Exceptions, however, do exist where drivers pass that responsibility to the insurers.

Medical Negligence or Malpractice

These cases arise when a medical practitioner or medical professionals don’t deliver sensibly skilled healthcare and the patient suffers harm as a consequence. When filing this type of lawsuit, you need to get all the facts right. Therefore, you can consider getting professional help from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Chicago and other areas.

Fall and Slip Cases

Property owners are obliged by law to keep their premises safe and free from risks that may cause injuries to tenants. However, not all damages that may occur on the premises can lead to you being held responsible. For example, landlords’ legal obligation varies depending on the situation and state laws where the accident occurred. Slip and fall lawsuit falls under the premises liability laws.


lawyer signing an agreementDefamation is when a person’s reputation can suffer as a result of false statements. The complainant must prove that the false statements were made and he or she suffered a financial loss.

Dog Bites

When one suffers injuries because of a dog bite, the owners of the dog are financially held responsible for the harm caused by the dog. These laws, however, vary from state to state. In some states where stringent liability rules prevail, the dog owner is held responsible even if the dog has never shown any form of aggression in the past. In others, a one-bite law exists whereby the dog owner takes responsibility for the injuries caused if the animal has a history of being hostile.

If you have suffered injuries out of someone’s negligence and you can’t pay your bills, you can’t work, and you want to move on with your life, the best thing to do is to seek legal services from professional personal injury attorneys. Personal injury lawsuits are highly sensitive to time; therefore, don’t wait for too long as this can cost you your chances of getting fairly compensated.

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