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Common Causes of Visual Impairments

The estimated number of people with vision impairments in the world is 258 million. That is to say, 39 million of those are blind, while the other 246 million are experiencing overall low vision. Generally speaking, 65% of people are visually impaired, and nearly 82% of all blind people are aged 50 years and older.

What all of that tells people is that nearly every human being experiences eye problems at one point in their life or another. Some may be minor and go away on their own with minimal supervision, while others can be high-maintenance and need to be cared for by a specialist.

Whether or not your vision isn’t what it used to be or was never that great, to begin with, there are always extra measures you can take to be on top of your eye health. But with anything, it always starts at the beginning.

Retina Damage

The retina is one of the most sensitive parts of the eye, which make it highly susceptible to any form of damage. Any complication that can happen to it, such as a detached retina or artery occlusion, may lead to sudden blindness.

Because it is such a delicate part, you must always handle it with care. If such an event happens that it does get damaged and you become visually impaired, make sure to consult with a lawyer regarding your rights, such as a long-term disability claim in Salt Lake City.


If you spend countless hours in front of a computer or drive long distances, chances are you know and have personally experienced this one. This often happens when one overuses their eyes beyond its limit. As a result, the eyes get tired and stressed.

The best way to combat this is simple: simply give it the day off. By allowing your eyes to rest, you are recharging its batteries and giving it the well-deserved sleep it needs.

Night Blindness

When it is hard for you to see at night either in your room or when driving – it is highly likely you are experiencing a type of night blindness. Some people are simply born with this problem. But others develop from a generative disease involving the retina which sadly cannot be treated.

When you experience this, it is best to take extra caution in areas of low light, so you don’t endanger yourself or other people.

Other medical conditions

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It is inevitable for specific medical conditions to arise that can cause sudden blindness, such as a stroke or brain tumor. When such misfortunes like these happen, although they are quite rare in nature, be sure to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible.

While every single part of the body is as important as the other, the loss of your eyesight might be the physically traumatizing incident anyone can experience. It almost seems as if you lose a part of yourself with it, which is why it is always better to identify any symptoms early on, to save yourself the pain later.

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