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Telltale Signs of Exhaust System Damage

Your car’s exhaust system, aside from being one of the essential components of your vehicle, is also one of the most overworked. It protects both the engine and passengers by routing harmful emissions out of your car. A faulty exhaust system makes your engine do extra work and puts passengers at risk of inhaling hazardous fumes.

That’s why your exhaust system must be well-maintained. For advice and service, consult experts in Commodore exhaust systems. If these telltale signs start to show, it’s time to make that call.

Funny noises when driving fast

If you’re starting to hear odd sounds when you’re accelerating, then it’s probably coming from under the hood. Amplified engine noise is usually caused by a leak in one of the pipes of your exhaust system. Leaks happen when your exhaust system has emitted too much harmful gas that it starts to erode components like the exhaust manifold, belts, or joints. Such noises are often considered natural as long as they don’t disrupt your drive.

Strange smells inside the car

A telltale sign of exhaust problems can be detected right when you enter your vehicle. If something smells, then that’s your signal for a repair.

If you seem to smell harmful carbon monoxide, turn off the engine and call a mechanic immediately to get your car checked. This is another sign of a leak in one of your exhaust pipes. If the smell is nearer to rotten eggs, however, then it might be a failure in your catalytic converter, and you might be inhaling dangerous sulfur dioxide.

Frequent trips to the gas station

refueling on a petrol station

A damaged exhaust system causes your engine to over-compensate. This means it’s guzzling more gas, which can add to your costs as you drive with the issue.

If you find yourself taking more trips to the gas station, then it’s best to have your engine and exhaust system checked. Other things cause decreased fuel efficiency. Still, it’s most likely due to your engine working at hotter temperatures because your exhaust isn’t carrying the fumes out of your car. The reverse also works; upgrading to a free-flowing exhaust system improves your fuel efficiency.

Less power in your pedals

If your car is struggling to accelerate, maintain control uphill or downhill, or to stay running, then look into your exhaust system for the possible cause.

Exhausts are meant to improve and engine power by maintaining a steady exit velocity for exhaust gases. Thus, if your exhaust system leaks, has accumulated rust, or has other problems like wear or blockage, then it will inevitably affect your horsepower.

Scratching sounds when driving

It’s possible that the strange sound or smell coming from your car isn’t an internal issue with your exhaust system. Don’t take damage to your hardware lightly, though. A damaged bracket is meant to hold your muffler and exhaust pipes in place. If you don’t take care of the issue, you risk flinging a disengaged muffler to other drivers on the road.

A trip to a trusted mechanic helps you monitor every component of your exhaust system. This is a clear case where prevention is better than cure because it can cost more to replace your engine or entire exhaust system.

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