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Designing an Outdoor Workspace: How Can You Do It?

Since outdoor living spaces are currently on-trend across the globe, many people are taking it to the next level by investing in an outdoor workspace. The idea is to convert outdoor living spaces that are usually used for leisure and socialization. They can be turned into an area where employees can do some work and productive thinking.

Whether you’re designing one for your place of work or your home, an outdoor workspace can help boost your productivity and mental health. Studies show that it’s good for us to be surrounded by nature, and we could all use a break from our regular office from time to time.

Here are some tips for designing a functional and well-designed outdoor workspace.

Incorporate multifunctional furniture pieces

When looking for furniture pieces for the outdoor workspace, opt for ones that can serve multiple purposes. One example is the smaller ceramic tools because they can perform various purposes. They can be extra seating when you want to cover the space into a guest area, but they can also be a small table for your laptop during work hours.

They can also be perfect for placing small plates of appetizers during an intimate backyard hangout. The point is that while looking at potential pieces for your space, think of the many ways you can use them and how they can help serve you while you work.

Provide screens for privacy

A screen or some sheers can help incorporate some privacy while you work. This is especially important if you envision the outdoor space to be for work and nothing else. Talk to the fencing contractor who will work on your fence and ask if they can provide a mini version of your home’s fence and turn it into the divider that can keep your outdoor workspace free from distractions and unwanted guests.

Make the space ergonomic

Just because you’re moving your work outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can completely forget about office ergonomics. Ergonomics is simply designing and laying out your work necessities in a way that protects your entire body from injury, pain, and disease. This means that you also need to incorporate all the ergonomic standards you set for your indoor office into your outdoor workspace.

Invest in a good work surface

If you truly see yourself working outside for the majority of your workday, you need to ensure that your table is high-quality and that you have a supportive chair. A standard outdoor dining table can be a good option for this, especially if the table is already under a roof or a shade of some sort, like an awning.

Look for some shade fabrics

Speaking of shade, another thing you need to invest in is a high-quality umbrella or shade fabric that can help protect you from harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen is a must, but you also want another layer of protection, which can come from an awning of some kind.

There are plenty of fabrics and umbrellas in the market that look sophisticated and elegant, so don’t worry about having a beach umbrella in your chic outdoor workspace. For a more finished design, retractable awnings or an auto-tilt umbrella can look nice, and it feels more permanent.

Make it cozy

Just because the space is meant for work, it doesn’t mean it has to be 100 percent utilitarian and devoid of any form of style and coziness. If you already have the perfect indoor office, think of the vibe you created and try to recreate it in the outdoor workspace. But if you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to make your space as stylish yet comfortable as possible:

  • Soften up the place through durable, textured, and weather-friendly fabrics for the upholstery. Don’t just go for any chair or sofa; make sure they were designed for outdoor living so that they can withstand harsh weather.
  • Incorporate plenty of plants. The whole point of working outdoors is to be closer to nature while you’re trying to be productive. Ask your landscape architect which plants will work best within your area’s terrain, and be committed to keeping them alive and vibrant for as long as possible.
  • Add some layers like area rugs, throws, pillows, and blankets.

Studies found that productivity took a hit during the pandemic, and it’s up to managers and employees alike to find ways to counteract this. Consider building a stunning outdoor workspace to give you and your team an alternative whenever they find that the office does nothing to inspire and motivate them.

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