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What You Want in Your House as Newlyweds

Counting down to the day when you and your partner are officially married? Perhaps, the unfamiliar life ahead is making you nervous. Of course, one of the things you have to prepare for is cohabitating with the love of your life.

You will never know how it is until you have practically moved in. But to make the transition in this new life chapter, it will be helpful if you know what you want as first-time home buyers in your newlywed house. Here is a quick guide on choosing a house that is your perfect match:

Try Being in Each Other’s Company

Okay, this first tip requires you to live together temporarily in a house before you officially tie the knot. You need to do this to better get to know each other’s lifestyles, at-home habits, and preferences for going about chores. Naturally, you will spot your differences, and so you should take this time to arrive at a consensus on who does what and how chores should be done at home.

Give it a good six months, better, a year to familiarize each other’s routine. Arguments are part of the process, but make sure good results come from it, including knowing your partner’s tolerance for clutter and noise. It’s probably wise to fix the bad habits you’ve carried onto your singlehood, like leaving your dirty laundry everywhere as if they were Easter eggs or not immediately washing used dishes.

Once you have gotten to know your partner better, take your combined preferences as bases for elements and design you would rather have for the house you will move into after getting married. Be as practical with your choice as possible. Do not settle for a house you know you will not be able to maintain well, given how busy the lives you lead can be.

Design That Screams Your Personality

Believe it or not, you can harmonize each other’s architectural, interior design, and decor style preferences just as well as how you were able to work out your opposites-attract relationship. And, how could that be? For one, you can assign each other a personal workshop or office that you can each design the way you want it to. A backsplash of a paint color that screams you is one of the most common ways to transform it into your man cave or she-shed.

Although you do not necessarily have to assert your dominance design-wise in common areas like the living room, kitchen, and dining area, you can still incorporate tiny elements to indicate that there are a couple that strives not only to live harmoniously together but also to maintain each other’s individuality. Think color-coded dinnerware or linen or those digitally printed with your nicknames for each other. But, it is still aesthetically pleasing to make all ware uniform across the board.

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Master’s Bedroom Must-haves

The majority of your time indoors would be spent in each other’s company. Better have a master’s bedroom that is conducive to most, if not all, activities you will do together aside from sleeping. Ideally, your master’s bedroom should be the biggest of all bedrooms in your house.

Depending on how you two spend quality time, you can place a wide-screen television right in front of your bed. Bedside tables should be placed on both sides of the bed with adequate electrical outlets nearby to accommodate both of your gadgets like smartphones and eyeglasses. Have a sitting couch for those midday conversations and for when you already have a baby and you bond with him.

Ensure the entry of natural light during the day with the help of wide windows. Install blinds for when you need more privacy. Enhance the ambiance of the room by opting to add yellow lights, which you can switch to from white ones for when you are about to relax or sleep or if there is no more work you need to focus on.

Baby Plans

It’s imperative to have a room for the baby or babies to come. You want a room that can still be converted for when your child grows up. So you would rather have a bare room with space for the clothing drawers, changing station, toy storage, and crib for now and for their bed, study table, and bookshelves later.

Guest Area

As founding members of a new family, you will have to invite guests like your in-laws and mutual friends over for meals or celebrations. And so, you want wide footage for your guest areas. The same goes for your parking space.

You also want to provide amenities like a pool, a poolside grill, a semi-outdoor arcade to host wholesome activities with the people you both love. Adorn these social areas with comfortable furniture. Of course, keep your fridge stashed with grab-and-go beverages and your powder room always clean.

A cozy home is one of the most important things to have when getting married. Choosing one that can serve your practical needs allows you to enjoy living a blessed life together.

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