Excellent Ways to Decorate Your Home Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they visit your home. It can set the tone for the rest of your home. Therefore, you must leave a good impression. Plus, curb appeal will increase your home’s value!

Here are some tips to help you enhance the way the outside of your house looks.


Landscaping is your best friend when it comes to decorating the exterior of your house. There are tons of ways you can use landscaping to your advantage. For instance, strategically planting trees to frame and add style and shade to your home is something many people can benefit from.

You can also create flower beds or add a lovely pathway to your front door. If you do not have the time or room to create a garden, you can get pots and planters to add some greenery to your front yard.

A Subtle Garage Door

If you have a big front door in front of your house, it can be hard to take your eyes off of it, especially if it is unsightly. The goal here is not to emphasize your garage door. If there is a substrate around your garage door, you can paint it to match it.

However, if you have orange bricks, you should not bring out the orange paint. Try to go for a mortar color instead to blend and complement the rest of your home.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

Who says that Christmas lights are only meant for the holidays? You can choose different colors of Christmas lights, such as soft white, to illuminate your home at night. It is a lovely and delicate touch to make many homes beautiful.

You can take it up a notch by getting smartphone controlled Christmas lighting, so you can turn them on and off whenever you want.

A New Door

The front door should be the focal point of many homes. Therefore, it may be time to upgrade yours, especially if it is an old one. There are many door styles and colors that you can choose from. For instance, you can use doors that have glass to lighten up heavy facades.

Be sure you chose a new front door that will go with your home’s style yet add a few lovely details.

The Roof

Many people do not pay too much attention to your roof – that is, if it is in good shape. An old, shabby roof will grab attention in all the wrong ways. You can inspect your roof to assess the damage before you start calling people – if there are a few shingles or broken parts, you can easily hire someone to do a few quick repairs.

However, if the roof looks like it is in shambles, you may have to replace your roof entirely. We recommend that you consult a color expert or designer to choose a hue and material that will match your roof to the rest of your house along with the landscape.

It does not take a lot of effort or money to dress up your home. Follow the tips above to increase your house’s curb appeal!

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