Going Beyond the Cost: What Else to Look for in a Future Cavite Home

Within the next few years, Cavite will never be the same. Many projects are underway, transforming townships and business districts. Ayala, for example, is set to launch two mixed-used development areas. Together, they span 1,000 hectares.

These future shopping and office spaces will be accessible via Cavite-Laguna Expressway. The province also now has master-planned communities and properties like a Lancaster Cavite house for sale. Many of these are either pre-selling or offer low amortization. It’s just a matter of knowing which design or size to pick.

Consider Your Growing and Extended Family

Choosing the right property means going beyond location and price. It’s equally vital everyone can live comfortably. Juanito Pua and Gelia Castillo described the family unit as nuclear in form but extended in function. Couples tend to live with their children only. But this group still meets with other kin families regularly.

Belen Medina, meanwhile, observed that extended families tend to live together in many parts of the Philippines and overseas. These include California and Canada. It’s also more common in cities than in rural areas due to the high cost of living.

Belen Medina observed that extended families tend to live together. This setup is famous not only in the Philippines but also overseas. It’s even more common in cities than in rural areas due to the high cost of living.

Medina also mentioned in 1994 that the concept of family is an integral part of Filipino social life. They are not only close-knit but are also child-centric and family-centered. Filial piety or a sense of gratitude and indebtedness is also part of the culture. It explains why many people work abroad to help their parents or invite their aging moms and dads to live with them.

This sense of familial community can affect the choice of a property. Potential homeowners can consider buying a larger house to fit everyone. It can be a Cavite home with three to four bedrooms and two baths. One or two of these bedrooms can then accommodate other family members who live with them or serve as guestrooms for visiting kinfolk.

Shelter Your Car

Another factor to consider in buying a property in Cavite is a garage. Data, after all, suggests that more Filipinos are buying vehicles. According to Statista, the country registered over one million cars in 2017. It’s a significant increase from less than 800,000 in 2008. The government is also planning to push a one-car, one-garage policy to help ease traffic.

In the Philippines, the hottest-selling cars vary in size. According to Autodeal.com, the most popular vehicle in 2018 was the subcompact car Vios. In second place, though, was the Fortuner, which is a mid-size SUV.  Next was Wigo, a hatchback with limited space.

For those planning to buy a property in Cavite, it might help to choose a well-spaced garage to accommodate different sizes of vehicles.

Increase Safety

cctv camera

The Philippines continues to have a growing population. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the average size per household was 4.4. In other regions, it was higher at six people.

Many of these households are children, and about 30% of these kids are between 0 and 14 years old. Because they’re still young, a home might need better safety measures, such as a fence and a gate.

Buying a property in the Philippines doesn’t have a definite checklist. It all depends on what the buyer needs. The points above, though, can help anyone planning to move to Cavite with a growing family.

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