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Five Home Renovations That Can Promote A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Family

Our homes should be a haven where we seek refuge at the end of the day. However, as we go on with our everyday routines, we may have overlooked flaws, poorly-constructed structures, and dirty spots in the house where toxins and chemicals lie. There may also be dangerous spots in the house that we often ignore until the next fatal fall, slide, or bump happens.

A 2018 survey revealed an estimate of 125,000 preventable injury-related deaths that happen inside our houses. Home accidents may also occur in the blink of an eye due to unforeseeable dangers in areas such as the stairs, kitchen, and bathroom. With the right renovations, we can increase the quality of our lives and increase safety at home. Here are five home renovations that can upgrade your living conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Make your home extra resistant against fires.

Residential fires usually start in the kitchen. In a survey by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), unattended cooking is the leading fire source. Thus, one should not leave or forget about their cooking in the kitchen. A defect in heating equipment and faulty wiring are also the main culprits. To prevent these instances, consider installing a smoke alarm in strategic areas of your house. Also, install a fire extinguisher ideally for every 600 square feet of your living space.

Install devices that monitor carbon monoxide and other harmful gases

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that may get in our house through fuel-burning appliances, portable generators, lawnmowers, and power washers that derive power from an internal combustion engine. When present in large amounts, carbon monoxide can be deadly as it prevents the normal exchange of oxygen to the brain. Consider installing carbon monoxide alarms in your bedrooms and areas where children usually play.

Also, consider paying for tests determining the amount of Radon and other poisonous gases. Radon is a highly toxic and radioactive gas that may likely cause lung cancer among nonsmokers. This substance is invisible to the eye and does not have a special smell increasing its danger to the ones exposed to it.

Give your house extra protection.

Giving extra protection to structures exposed to the weather and natural conditions would make them last longer. This may mean purchasing high-quality waterproofing materials that can protect concrete surfaces from damage. Waterproofing concrete deck methods help structures to withstand moisture by sealing cracks and membranes. In general, one should apply a sheet membrane to create a secure and adhesive bond to the concrete.

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One should also check the kind of paint used on walls and windows. Structures built before 1978 may have used toxic paints containing lead. Even after decades, such substances may get stirred up during a renovation and may harm residents. Remember, lead is a toxic substance that may cause developmental and learning problems among kids.

Build structures that can prevent bugs, allergens, and irritants.

Though the quality of insecticides and pesticides have improved through the years, professionals still advise using them sparingly as they pose a serious threat to our health. Increased exposure to these substances is linked to risks of developing neurological problems and cancer. A lasting and sustainable way to prevent bugs is to seal off crevices on walls and floors. You may also want to contact a professional for weather-stripping doors and windows.

To prevent allergen and irritant buildup, consider installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen or a dehumidifier in the basement. Also, make it a habit to open doors and windows during renovation so that pollens can be extinguished outside the house.

Make space for a home gym or areas that promote wellness and creativity.

Do you find it time-consuming to go to a nearby gym? Why not build an at-home gym and do your favorite workout routines anytime you want. Creating a home gym is possible even on a tight budget. You have the option to buy equipment per piece or only buy the ones you frequently used.

There are also other ways to promote fun and wellness in the household, such as making room for a mini basketball area, a craft room, or a mini garden.

Home renovations that promote a healthy lifestyle may cost a lot, but they are worth the investment. Make sure to consult the services of a trusted contractor specializing in these projects. In our everyday lives, we can also practice healthy and safe habits to promote a healthy lifestyle. One of these is to promote good ventilation in the household. Ventilate the house by opening doors and windows several times to avoid dust, molds, and pollen buildup. Also, make sure to use toxic-free chemicals and substances in cleaning and washing.


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