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Losing Motivation to Work Out? Here’s the Guide You Need

There’s a dozen of perks of working out in the privacy of your own living space. You can freely choose the types of exercises you want and do them anytime you want. The problem is since you’re at home, it’s hard to find the motivation and stay on track with all the distractions around you. Your comfy couch is right there, the TV is within your reach, and you got to do your dishes.

Sure, finding the time to work out at home is easier said than done. To help you stick to your routine while you’re at home, follow our tips below.

1. Schedule it

The next thing you need to do is to decide the number of days you need or want to work out. Schedule them like booking your dental appointment and mark the date on your calendar. This might seem too simple or unnecessary but planning your sessions ahead of time makes your workouts a must-do instead of an optional.

You can also consider delegating a time to work out for each day. Or set time for different sets of exercises such as practicing yoga, running on the treadmill, performing circuit training, or lifting weights. Just be sure to consider your commitments and schedules when scheduling your workout sessions.

2. Set up your workout space

Another way to keep you motivated is to set up a workout space at home that suits your personal taste and needs. Find an area in your house where you can have a spot for all your equipment and free floor space to perform your routines. It’s ideal to choose a room with windows to let some sunlight in. In case this isn’t possible, install recessed lights with bright white bulbs.

Moreover, it’s good to have mirrors so you can see imperfections in your posture or forms. This is also an excellent way to bring more light into the room and make your workout space look bigger and more pleasant to stay at.

3. Track your progress

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One of the best ways to track your progress is to keep a fitness-wellness journal. You can do this digitally or on paper, whatever works for you. Keeping one can help you focus on your fitness goals, track your progress, plan for future workouts and rest days, and gain a better understanding of your exercise habits.

Apart from your fitness goals and body fat percentage, a fitness-wellness journal is also a great place to jot down your feelings, energy, and happiness levels or any other changes in your body. You might also want to have motivational images and sayings on your journal for some visual inspiration. If you want to make your exercises more intentional and stay motivated, start crafting that journal right now.

4. Take your rest days

Let’s be honest here; we don’t have all the time to do some workouts. You also need to take some time off, especially if your body is begging for it. Rest days are the time for you to do your hobbies. You can write that book you’ve been wanting to finish, read the book recommended by your friend, or just lay down on your couch watching TV all day.

If you want to still be productive without stressing yourself out, you can explore your living space. Do some simple cleaning tasks or check for needed improvements to make your home a better space for your well-being. You might need to replace your kitchen countertops so that you can cook your healthy meals better. Or, do some decluttering on your bedroom for you to have a better sleep.

5. Have a workout buddy

Working out alone can be boring at times, and what better way to make it more fun than having someone to do it with, right? Be certain to choose someone with the same fitness goal or goals as you. A good workout buddy can inspire and motivate you. They can even help you keep track of your progress.

It is not necessary to workout together physically. If you’re looking to exercise with a friend, you do it digitally. You can do online workout sessions and have an accountability partner without any of you leaving your homes.

Working out at home can be satisfying and challenging at the same time. To see the desired results, you’ll need to face those at-home temptations and have the discipline to get into that solid sweat session that your body needs. Use this guide and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle while at home.

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