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Four Businesses with the Coolest Workplaces

Many people consider their workplace as their second home. Employees spend so much time here that it is important for workspaces to be able to boost their productivity.

Some of the world’s top companies have taken this trend seriously, creating the coolest and most amazing workspaces to spoil their employees. Some have ocean views, entertainment areas and open floor plans. It doesn’t matter if these companies throw in some pieces of used furniture in their Salt Lake City office.

Here’s a quick look at the most amazing office spaces for inspiration.

TripAdvisor Headquarters

The largest travel site, TripAdvisor, allows travelers to enjoy a full travel experience with their every trip. It has more than 600 million reviews about various travel listings and provides travelers with the knowledge of the locals to help with their itinerary, accommodations and activities. The site also has price comparisons sourced from more than 200 booking sites.

Besides that, the company is well aware of the needs of its employees. The TripAdvisor Headquarters boasts of a comfortable and laid-back workplace to encourage creativity and productivity. It has a state-of-the-art gym, game rooms, culinary teams as well as a private pub! Going to work doesn’t feel like going to work when you’re off to a place like this.


Asana is a fast-growing app with a mission to help teams work together effortlessly and seamlessly. With the use of Asana, teams can keep track of their projects more clearly and efficiently. Asana has received various acclimations such as being considered as one of the Most Innovative Companies, one of the Top Ten Best Apps of 2016, the top vendor for productivity trackers, Best Workplace Culture, and Best Workplaces for Women.

Asana employees enjoy a collaborative environment and distinct culture with two separate episodes or periods in a calendar year. During each period, everyone at Asana collaborates to develop features for a new product and plan the company’s future. The company also celebrates the Thankshacking, an extra special tradition where they create new ideas while having a cozy family feel.

Take-Two Interactive

The lead developer, marketer, and publisher of interactive entertainment, Take-Two Interactive, has consoles and handheld games, gadgets and smartphones. Fun and exciting games are the core culture of the company and everyone who works here take this seriously.

The company encourages breaks for playing video games, and they have this ice cream socials and Cookie Fridays. This workplace is definitely a sweet place to work with.


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Over the years, the company has dedicated itself to creating, researching and developing innovative health-related products. It is in operation in 150 countries, with manufacturing sites in the U.S., UK, China and Belgium.

The company’s offices around the world look like futuristic buildings but inside these amazing spaces are the perks that their employees fully enjoy. They have coffee canteens, fitness centers and the freedom to move around the office.

Top companies like Facebook and Google are also known for their amazing offices. The trend today is to create a working environment that is enjoyable and where employees won’t feel that they’re at work. Some businesses also have perks of having day care centers or nurseries on-site for employees who can’t leave their little ones at home.

All these benefits and cool workspaces leave no reason for employees to be lax in their duties and instead, it encourages their productivity even more.

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