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Going to Court: Tricks to Make Court Visits Less Stressful

Facing a criminal court case can be overwhelming and may trigger a bucket of worries. But these worries shouldn’t stop you from preparing for your case. That way, you can make the best impression possible on the judge. Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for your trial.

Do Not Represent Yourself

If you have no experience in law, you should never attempt to represent yourself in court, especially for court cases. Many people assume that they can do it because they watch a lot of law-themed shows, but it is nothing like the real world. You should hire a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake City to represent you. They possess experience and knowledge that you need to win your case (or at least improve your terms).

Body Language

Actions can speak louder than words and this statement stands very true for criminal cases, which is why you should focus on your body language. In most cases, you will not do a lot of speaking, but that does not mean the judge does not take notice of your reactions and mannerisms. For instance, you should look in the mirror to see what your neutral expression looks like. Make sure you always maintain a pleasant demeanor. Keep a composed and subtle smile.

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Choose the Poeple You Bring

You need to be selective if you want to bring people other than your lawyer to court with you. Avoid bringing your children to court. Shield them from your current situation. Instead, hire a babysitter or ask a friend or relative to watch your kids instead. If they have to speak in court, it would be best if they wait outside with someone you trust until they are needed. However, you can bring a friend if you want to have moral support.


Besides watching your body language, you need to make sure you leave a good impression through your appearance. For instance, you should look neat and dress appropriately. Wearing business attire is usually the best option for court cases. You should also make sure that you are polite and on time.

Another important thing is that you should not speak out of turn. Refrain from yelling or trying to explain yourself if you hear something that you do not like. When you do speak, make sure you have a calm and kind tone.

Going Before the Judge

When you are in front of the judge, you should always address them as “Your Honor.” You should also make sure that you never interrupt the other party while they are speaking, even if they did that to you. Always wait for your turn or ask for a chance to speak again if you want to explain something that the other party had said. Make sure that you speak loudly, clearly, and calmly. You do not want to ramble or mutter because that can make you look bad. Most importantly, stick to the facts and avoid irrelevant details.

Dealing with a criminal court case can be stressful but with proper preparation, your case will proceed smoothly.

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