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Harnessing Clean Energy as a Solution to the Climate Change Issue

Try to look around you. Everywhere you go, there’d be people going back and forth, either through walking or vehicular means. If you go to work in a city filled with tall towers of wonder, you may think that we’ve reached the pinnacle of society. The more we create, the better, right?

What many people don’t realize is that all of these have an effect to our world that we often forget. Carbon emissions from vehicles contribute to 30% of air pollution. Industrial plants also cause chemicals and other by-products to go out into the open making it hard for us to maintain a cleaner environment.

It’s made worse by our growing demand for energy. This calls for a cleaner, safer solution to power our homes, offices, factories, and vehicles. Find out how we can utilize renewable energy to combat climate change.

Government-Mandated Projects

If we’re going to go large-scale, it should be the government that should implement such great projects. A perfect example would be harnessing geothermal energy, which can be harvested below the Earth’s surface or from geysers.

Using it is 300% more efficient compared to combustion engines, meaning there’d be a reduced carbon footprint but with a boundless supply. Speaking of unlimited resources, wind power is also a form of energy that can be utilized without the need to actually extract anything.

An example would be the Chevelon Butte wind project that is based in Arizona. It’s a low-cost source of energy that will be able to provide 40% of the power in the area.

Economic Effects

You may think that renewable energy only serves the larger scale, but even in our own homes we can gain its full benefits and feel the effects almost immediately. For example, solar panels can be installed on a house’s roof to harness solar energy, which then can be converted into electricity.

It can be used anytime and is a valuable source of energy when there’s an emergency such as a power outage. And the best part of it is that it can save you money off of your electric bills. If we use renewable energy in every home, we’d depend less on fossil fuel sources of electricity.

That would mean a lot in decreasing the harmful effects of carbon emissions.

Cooler, Cleaner World

cleaning environment

Global warming is on the rise and eliminating its effects can help us continue living our normal lives. Greenhouse gasses can have harmful effects on the air we breathe, and if they don’t escape our atmosphere, consequences may be dire.

The use of renewable energy lessens the release of such gasses, which in turn can help make our air cooler and safer for us to breathe. Activities as simple as planting trees can also help in this endeavor. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants and in turn, oxygen, a gas that we need to live, is produced.

When we compare the numbers, we find that coal and burning natural gas can produce 0.6-2lbs of carbon dioxide while wind and solar power produce 0.02-0.07lbs per kilowatt-hour. That big difference tells us that the shift from traditional to renewable energy can be of great benefit for us.

As the population around the world grows, so does our need to use energy, whether it’s for our homes or in large industrial zones. If we take good care of nature, it will take care of us in return.

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