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Home Selling Strategies: What You Can Do to Improve Property Value

Not all homeowners intend to stay in their first home forever. For most people, they will invest in a starter home as their first purchase. Time will come when the house that seemed perfect during the homebuying no longer fits their taste, lifestyle, and needs. Once that happens, and they have the funds to buy another home, they will start making home selling plans. But before that, it is likely that one will want to boost the price of the sale.

No homeowner would willingly let go of their old property for a reduced price. This is why they would do everything they can just to increase their asking price. Thankfully, some factors affecting home value can still be improved.

One may not be able to change the location, neighborhood, lot size, comparable properties, and nearby establishments. But there are factors worth checking, so you can get the most out of your home sale.

Curb Appeal and Condition of the Home

The top two priorities of buyers are the condition of the property and its curb appeal. How your house looks from the street view can greatly impact the buyer’s impression. If it looks clean, in great shape, and stands out or can compete against the other properties in the neighborhood, this increases your chance of selling the property for a great price.

Aside from investing in the necessary repairs and maintenance, it also helps to invest in the property’s outdoor appearance and space. Powerwashing the exteriors, giving the house a fresh coat of paint, and getting rid of your personal touches will make the house look move-in ready. Remember that most buyers are looking for a home they can start living in asap.

This is why most real estate agents would recommend homeowners invest in landscaping. A beautiful yard, even a low-maintenance landscape can make a big difference in how the house looks from the street. Everyone wants to have that head-turning yard that will make all passersby want to stop and appreciate your exteriors.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is eco-friendly, offers more savings, and gives buyers more reasons to buy the property. When you have an energy-efficient home, the buyers will like the fact that they will spend less money on their energy bills and will be enjoying a more comfortable home. Thankfully, there is a lot more you can do than ensure the house is well-insulated.

For instance, you can have your major systems in your house repaired and maintained. You also have the option to update the home warranty to give sellers at least one year’s worth of hassle-free maintenance costs. This is one way to attract buyers who want nothing to do with system maintenance costs during their first year of moving in.

If you plan on leaving behind some major appliances, then it is also worth calling the pros to maintain them. For instance, have your refrigerator repaired to ensure its efficiency. You can also consider investing in a few energy-efficient upgrades like a smart thermostat, tankless water heater, or change your floorings into reclaimed wood.

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You may not have the same tastes as your buyers. But knowing who your ideal buyers are will make it easier to invest in finishes that will entice the people you want your home to be its next owner. Know that some finishes are worth more than the others and can boost your home selling price.

For instance, invest in sought-after flooring options can quickly increase the price of your home. According to news, buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors. Having these in your property for sale can increase your chances of enticing quality buyers in making an offer.

Outdated fixtures like doorknobs, faucets and even ceiling fans are another way to boost property value. Don’t forget about more efficient lighting solutions, a different paint color, and staining your cabinets, deck, or fence. This shows that even smaller improvements can make a difference.

Home Staging

One of the most in-demand home services nowadays is home staging. This is one good way to make your home look more appealing to buyers. This is the method of decorating the house with the intention of highlighting the best features of the property.

Home staging helps sellers get rid of their personal touches and collections to help buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Home stagers are able to create a move-in ready space where buyers get the chance to view the property as their own.

A 2017 report made by the National Association of Realtors claims that up to 49% of real estate agents believe in home staging. This reduces the amount of time houses are on the market and increases the value of the house. This shows that staging the house before selling can be worth every penny.

It may not be easy to say goodbye to the house you’ve come to love. But by doing what it takes to improve its selling price, you can enjoy more earnings you can use towards your next home purchase. You can find another home that will better fit your lifestyle and can cater to your family’s needs.

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