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Home Services: Could It Be The Next Big Industry Boom?

Everyone is busy these days, and nobody wants to deal with washing their cars or climbing a ladder to fix a hole in the roof after a long day at work — creating a profitable business opportunity for you.

The home services industry is a $506 billion sector in the United States alone, making it a very lucrative niche. After COVID-19 lockdowns, more people are now working and studying at home, and if you’re looking to start a home service business, here are services you can offer yourself or turn into a business.

Piano Tuning

If you can tune a piano, you can surprisingly earn a decent income as a piano tuner, with a full-time piano tuner’s average annual salary at $40,452. Plus, since more turners are retiring, the demand for piano tuners is on the rise. Although electronic keyboards exist, people continue to buy traditional pianos at high rates, making piano tuning a profitable business venture to explore.

Car Repair and Maintenance Services

If you like working on cars and have the talent for it, whether it’s repairing damaged engines or tinting windows, offering your services as a mechanic is a great way to earn some side income. After all, Americans spend over $500 a year on car repairs and maintenance alone, making it a profitable business.

House Cleaning

House cleaning is a business that’s been around for a long time and is one of the most profitable. The demand for this service is high, as more individuals prefer to have fun during their time off rather than cleaning their homes. You can earn around $20 to $40 per hour working as a housekeeper, depending on the house’s size, the cleaning duties, and the client.

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Home Inspecting

An uncommon but lucrative service business you can try is a home inspection business. That’s because many new homeowners depend on house inspectors to help them determine the condition of the structure and point out any potential issues with the building. You can earn around $60,710 as a full-time home inspector annually. However, before you can dive into this business, you need to meet your state’s regulations for the profession. If you’ve worked in the construction or housing industry before, you have a higher chance of getting accepted.

Laundry Service

Operating a laundry service has massive potential, as there’s a massive market for college students living in dorms or a place without laundry facilities. If you have a car, a washer, dryer, and patience, establishing a laundry service business could be the one for you. You can charge by the pound, bag, or load. You can earn around $1.50 for a pound, $2 to $4 for a bag, and $15 for a load.

Senior Care

Experts believe employment and demand for home health workers will increase by 41% until 2026. Thanks to more aging individuals preferring to stay at home during their golden years rather than nursing facilities or hospitals. Home health aides will help with a senior’s everyday chores or medical care. For more active and healthy seniors, you may also do occasional pet sitting or maintaining their properties. You can create a company from scratch and hire your own home health workers or invest in a senior care franchise.

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for personal services has risen since more consumers want convenience, time savings, and assistance for several reasons. However, no matter their reason, if you’re considering starting a business in this sector, any of the home services mentioned promise huge potential — ensuring success long-term.

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