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How Businesses Can Make Good Use of Their Outdoor Spaces

Big malls and offices have created a feel of nature inside their premises by bringing the outdoors in. They have integrated trees, ornamental plants, stones, other outdoor elements, and even a whole landscaped garden into their huge open spaces. But despite the benefits this brings into the interior of these huge commercial spaces, bringing them in is still not enough substitute for the real ambiance of the outdoors.

According to the biophilia hypothesis, humans are inherently attracted to nature, and that they become healthier when they are closer to it. Businesses can make their existing outdoor spaces a healthier extension of their shops or offices, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while doing business with them at the same time.

Below are some ideas on how businesses can make better use of their spaces and provide a healthier option for their customers.


Work can be extremely stressful. But when workers are given a view of the outside, they are more likely to feel more vibrant and have reduced stress levels. Adding a patio outside offices can help workers unwind and compose themselves after a few tiring hours at work. They can have an outdoor space to think and refresh their minds.

Business owners can choose to design their patios much like the design of their interiors. They can also choose to use retractable awnings, which can be adjusted depending on the weather or time of year. To know what is best for their type of business, they can discuss their needs with a commercial awning contractor and ask for recommendations on what is best for their outdoor spaces.

Walking Trails

For businesses that have a huge plot of land, creating a walking trail that offers a wonderful view of nature is a big step towards enhancing the business and its premises. Walking trails can encourage employees to get some exercise and to de-stress during very stressful working days. They can also attract more customers and give the name of the business a boost. The open trails can also be used as a venue for discussions with would-be business partners instead of letting them stay in boring cubicles.

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Landscaped Gardens

The plot of land around office buildings or commercial properties can attract customers and entice people to visit the place. Landscaped gardens can add curb appeal to any property and can lure people to check out the place. As we know, the more foot traffic there is to a commercial establishment, the more likely that sales will go up and the more that the business will thrive.

People love gorgeously-designed spaces, and they are more likely to come back if they also get some peace of mind during their stay as opposed to just being able to purchase items. Well-designed landscaped gardens can give people a sense of serenity. They can provide relaxation to customers and employees alike.

Balconies and Rooftops

For businesses and commercial establishments with less outdoor space, they can use their rooftops and balconies. These outdoor spaces can be turned into a place for relaxation where employees can spend their spare time and breathe some fresh air. Business owners can install a wireless internet connection in these areas so that employees or visitors who want to stay in these designated resting spaces can enjoy their few-minutes break while still getting some connection to the outside world.

No matter the type of business, turning outdoor spaces into an extension of the main office buildings or commercial establishments can greatly enhance the morale and productivity of employees. With outdoor spaces, employees can have time to free themselves from the stress they get from work. They can have time to think deeply about things and have enough leeway to destress and get some of their creative juices flowing.

Overall, maximizing the outdoor spaces of offices and commercial establishments can greatly help increase business profitability. They enhance the marketability of a business by promoting customer satisfaction. They also increase the floor space of a particular business venture. In restaurants, for example, using the outdoors as an extension to the existing indoor space can help add seating capacity, allowing them to cater to more guests especially during high traffic days. An increase in customer satisfaction can mean an increase in business and an additional surge in foot traffic.

Having a well-designed outdoor space as an extension to the main office or commercial establishment can pull in a new crowd, make the establishment look livelier, and re-energize the existing customers.

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