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How Compressed Air is Used in Various Industries

The aptly named “compressed air” is basically just that, the air that’s compressed or kept under great pressure. Normally one would notice compressed air being used in repair shops and other workshops, with these elaborate compressed air lines and pipework all over the place to power sandblasters and other tools.

Why It’s Used

Compressed air is often the optimal choice for manufacturing and other applications since compressed air and air compression system are portable and easy to store and transport, inexpensive, low maintenance, can operate in long periods without overheating. Compressed air is also a clean and safe (kinetic) energy source.

Compressed Air at Home

One direct use of compressed air at home is in the forms of canned compressed air. Canned compressed air is often used for cleaning electronic appliances and is perfect for cleaning keyboards, stuck food in toasters, and removing dust inside desktop computers and other appliances. Some even use canned compressed air to clean certain areas of their home and dislodge dust from hard to reach or tight spaces.

Others go for more artistic route and use compressed air with paint sprayer attachments to do some DIY home renovation and decoration projects. Portable air compressors can also be used at home for blowing up balloons for parties, inflating bicycle and vehicle tires, and cleaning dust and mucking off of vehicles and other equipment. The refrigerator in your home also has an air compression system to chill the air inside to preserve and cool the food. The water you’re using probably underwent wastewater treatment, which also uses compressed air for vacuum filters and conveying.

Compressed Air in Workshops and Repair Shops

Compressed air systems have bee among the integral tools for repairs, restorations, and maintenance of all types of vehicles and appliances. Compressed air systems are also used with pressure washers when cleaning cars and even structures, such as garage doors, steps, and walkways.

Compressed Air in Manufacturing Industries

Compressed air is widely used in manufacturing and powers most of the equipment in production lines. General manufacturing to automotive manufacturing, fabrication, basically any manufacturing industry you can think of would have compressed air involved in at least one part of its production process.

Compressed Air in Farming, Agriculture, and Food Industry

Compressed air is used in a plethora of farming tools. Crop sprayers are powered by compressed air and even dairy farmers use compressed air to power dairy machines. It is also used for ventilation systems in glasshouses and in moving livestock feed and grain from silos through the use of conveyors. Compressed air is also used in vacuum packing, dehydrating, and bottling food.

Other Applications and Industries

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Compressed air is common in the dental and medical services, used by scuba divers, oxygen delivery, and for paintball and air guns. Vehicles also use compressed air for braking systems. In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s used to move products, spray coatings on tablets, and mix or bottle products.

Air is indeed everywhere, and not just the air that we breathe. Compressed air has become an integral part of our daily lives, in products and equipment we use, and the manufacturing of goods that we use or consume.

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