Fixing the sewer line

The Foul-Smelling Truth: Sewer Line Damage Signs and Threats

Water seeping out of the ground when the skies are clear and the birds are chirping is not a good sign. You’d have no other choice but to consider a sewer line crack repair if the leaking liquid smells rather foul. Such stink means something is wrong with your sanitary sewer lines, and an emergency plumber in Orem, Utah is probably the best person to call.

Accompanying dangers to health

Pathogens cause illnesses. These organisms are present in sewer wastes, and some are quite dangerous for young children, the elderly, and persons whose immune systems are already compromised. Salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli are common pathogens found in raw sewerage. The medical problems they cause can reach epidemic levels if not contained early on. If sewage is leaking out, you must set a perimeter around it and keep members of the household and pets from coming into contact with the unsanitary pool.

Other signs of sewage line problems

In some situations, the sewer odor is present without a nasty puddle in the yard. This means you still have to call a professional plumber or sewer specialist to investigate the source of the foul smell.

There are other telltale signs of a problematic sewer line or main. Is there a sudden and unexpected spike in the figures on your utility bills? If your water usage routine has not changed, there should be no reason for an increase in the monthly water bill. Multiple clogged drains should also be a concern. While they do pose a problem on their own, the number of simultaneously slowed drains is also a sign that something bigger is awry with the sewer line.

Foul smell from the clogged drains and gurgling sounds from the toilet should alert you on the depth and breadth of the plumbing issue you are facing. These signs signify the presence of a sewer problem or two. These problems are always tricky; that’s why they require a quick response.

How did it come to this?

Repairing busted sewer pipes

As a homeowner, you want immediate solutions for your sewage issues so as not to disrupt everyone’s daily routine. Multiple factors put sewer and main lines at risk. It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause without excavating pipes and performing tests. Nevertheless, you might want to know that corrosion is a usual problem affecting pipes that carry sewage. Corrosion is the result of chemicals reacting with the metal pipes and fittings.

These chemicals come from the cleaning and disinfecting products used daily. Your plumbing system will oxidize and fall apart gradually with extensive use of these household products.

Private sewer lines are buried deep underground. When signs of a leak show up on the yard, you’d have to be ready to accept the fact that something is entirely wrong with your plumbing system.

Without timely and adequate interventions, you’d be handling a bad situation gone worse, which could later result in a significant expense. A sewer leak is never pleasant, but help is available. When you want the problem resolved, call for the services of an emergency plumbing expert.

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