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How Much Should You Spend in Los Angeles for Pool Cleaning?

Professional cleaning for swimming pools in Los Angeles may cost around $147 on average for a 215-square-foot pool. The average rate includes the cost of labor, job materials and supplies, but the actual price may vary based on the scope of cleaning service for your pool.

If you need extensive maintenance, some swimming pool waterproofing ways or methods include the application of plaster for the interior parts of an inground pool. Another common yet tedious task involves the removal of dirt along the waterline, which can be difficult without a contractor’s help.

How Often Should You Clean the Pool?

How often do you use the swimming pool? The frequency of cleaning will vary among homeowners. Some may need to clean their pools every week, while others simply need monthly maintenance. Other services such as cleaning or replacing filters should be done at least twice every year.

You also need to clean the pool more frequently during the summer than winter, but cold weather doesn’t mean that you can forego routine maintenance. You can use a special cover during the months when you don’t use the swimming pool. Remember that it should have an ideal water balance throughout any season.

Cloudy water often indicates an imbalance, which usually happens when dissolved plaster mixes with the water.

Does Your Swimming Pool Need Replastering?

Plaster doesn’t just improve a pool’s aesthetics but also provides a smooth, waterproof surface. While this protects the pool’s shell, the material can break down and eventually cause dirty-looking water. Your pool needs replastering when you notice mineral stains and traces of concrete or gunite, which are used to waterproof the shell. A rough surface may also indicate that it’s time to replaster the pool.

The average cost of replastering swimming pools ranges from $4.66 per square foot to $6 per square foot. If you can’t hire a contractor immediately, there are short-term alternatives to prevent further damage. Use caulk to fill tiny cracks or damaged areas. You can also use an acid wash to remove stubborn stains, but don’t use it on areas with worn-out plaster.

Removing Waterline Dirt

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If the pool’s cloudy water isn’t caused by plaster, the reason can be accumulated dirt on the tiles along the waterline. This part refers to the point where water meets the fill line or the edge of tiles. It’s like hard water deposits in your bathroom tub or kitchen sink.

However, you’ll find it more difficult to remove stains and scaling in pools because of exposure to outdoor elements. A professional may need to use chemicals to remove deep-seated dirt, which can increase the cost of cleaning service. Consider replacing the tiles if the price of eliminating scaling is too expensive.

Ask for quotes from at least three pool contractors in Los Angeles to know the most reasonable rates. You can likely save money by paying for a monthly service that’s divided by four weekly visits. Keep in mind that regular pool maintenance prevents you from spending more on repairs such as replastering earlier than necessary.

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