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How to Tell All the Types of Tiles Apart

Most homeowners usually prefer tiles on their kitchen. That’s because of the tiles’ water-resistant quality, which makes it less susceptible to stains.

Tiles also come in various styles that are perfect for any kitchen. But with so many options to choose from, picking the right type of flooring can be confusing. Although all tiles look great, not every tile can do the job correctly. Moreover, you need to consider whether it’ll fit your budget, too.

So, whether you’re planning to update your kitchen in the future or update your home immediately, here are a few of the most common types of floor and wall tiles that you can consider.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular types of all kitchen as well as wall tiles. That’s because of the tiles’ highly durable quality that makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also easy to clean and even comes in various styles.

When you’re buying ceramic tiles, you need to know the difference between unglazed and glazed. Unglazed tends to give off an artistic feel but doesn’t provide as much protection compared to glazed ceramic tiles.

Stone floor tiles

Another type of ceramic tile that you can consider are stone floor tiles. These are natural stone tiles made from granite, slate, marble, and limestone. This type of flooring is porous and needs refinishing using quality stone sealer every two years.

Homeowners can polish the tiles to let their natural beauty shine through. However, doing so can make the stone surfaces slippery, especially when it’s wet.

Porcelain tiles

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It’s another type of tile that almost resembles natural stones but without any maintenance. You’ll get the same elegant finish as natural stone tiles but without worrying about any weathering. It also comes in various design, styles, and colors that can fit any design in your kitchen.

You can even use it as an outdoor tile as it will never fade, freeze, or crack. However, installing porcelain tiles can be tricky. You need to hire a general home contractor if you’re planning to do a kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Ogden to ensure excellent results.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are one of the newest types of wall tiles that can be perfect for your kitchen. It’s highly resistant against stains such as red wine and lemon. You can also clean this type of tiles easily just by wiping it up.

However, tiles like these tend to chip, especially along the edges. So, it’s best to place it in low-traffic areas in your home. You can use them in smaller spaces or for other purposes such as a backsplash.

Other types of kitchen tile flooring can fit your style. You only need to choose the right one that’s durable enough for everyday use. Remember that tile surfaces can get slippery when it’s wet.

So, consider using slip-resistant tiles, especially if you’re living with someone who has a disability. Doing so will ensure that there won’t be any accidents caused by the flooring.

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