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Industrial vs. Commercial Painting: What Is the Difference?

Many people do not know the difference between industrial and commercial paint jobs. So, they do not know which one to choose for a particular task.

Some think that when it comes to industrial tank painting, a person who is well versed in commercial painting is enough. But hiring someone unqualified for an industrial paint job can lead to disastrous results. Hopefully, you will not make this mistake.

Here is how the two differ and why it is important for you to hire the right person for a particular paint job.

Commercial painting

Commercial painting is a lot like painting a house although the structure that will be covered in paint is much larger. But the basic principle is the same: paint the exterior and the interior to protect the walls but more importantly, to provide a pleasing image for the people to see.

When it comes to commercial painting, aesthetics is the focus. Painters need to apply a balanced amount of paint over the structure, and the colors of the paint should be pleasing to the eyes of the people visiting that building.

So when a commercial painter does the job, applying a long-lasting and durable paint is not necessarily the top priority. They are more focused on painting something beautiful or pleasing.

Also, commercial painters often cannot instruct their employer to keep the premises free of people. For instance, if they are painting a wall inside a mall, the mall owner cannot shut down the business. Therefore, commercial painters need to take into consideration that people will be present while doing their job.

o the paint should not be toxic to these people, and it should dry quickly to avoid further business interruptions. What commercial painters often use is latex paint because it dries quickly, but the problem with this kind of paint is it is not as durable as oil paint, which industrial painters often use.

Industrial painting

painting the wall

When it comes to industrial painting, the main focus of the people working in this industry is durability. Why? Because most of the structures require a tough coat of paint for various reasons.

In the cryogenic tank industry, most tanks carry volatile gases that need to be stored in highly durable containers. Industrial painters who paint cryogenic tanks need a special kind of paint to ensure that the exterior of those tanks will not corrode and thereby reduce the capability of the tank to keep the gas secured inside it.

Industrial painters focus more on the durability of their paint rather than the aesthetic quality. It is not that they all paint their tanks and structures with dull colors. It is just that industrial painters have a more complicated and high-risk job that they need the right kind of paint to ensure that the surface of the items they are painting will not weather away quickly.

If your business requires a paint job that focuses more on durability and strength rather than aesthetic quality, you should consult an industrial painter.

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