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Indoor Hygiene 101: Simple Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The winter season is a welcome change for people who like to cozy up during the colder months of the year. After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to Netflix and chill while you snuggle with your favorite life-sized pillow.

On the other hand, this season can spell disaster for people with allergic rhinitis, asthma, or respiratory problems. During these months, the heating systems and stale indoor air can lead to the buildup of mold and mildew and increase the amount of allergy-inducing elements, such as pet dander and dust mites.

Because opening the windows to let the fresh air in isn’t always the best option during the colder months, the allergens can stay trapped inside your home for a long time. The good news is that while improving the indoor air quality can be challenging during winter, it’s not impossible. Here are incredibly easy ways to ensure that the air in your house remains bearable for all inhabitants:

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Your cleaning efforts should focus on reducing the amount of allergy-inducing elements, if not preventing them from lurking indoors. Make sure to vacuum the carpets and rugs at least twice a week and regularly clean the beddings, drapes, and other items that can be considered as allergen magnets. If you have a four-legged family member, you must keep an eye out on pet dander and clean your house more often. If you can, invest in dust mite-proof pillow covers and other fabrics for less maintenance.

Clean Your Heating Systems

Heating systems should be maintained and cleaned regularly, but make sure to double down on your efforts during the winter season. This ensures that the airways are free from dust and other particles that could trigger an allergic reaction. It also helps to call your friendly duct-cleaning specialists in Overland Park to remove trapped dirt in this area of your home.

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Invest in High-quality Air Purifiers

Naturally, the best way to get rid of pet dander is to not let in your pet indoors. But let’s not stoop down to that level of evilness. If you can’t give up your pet, you can at least cut down on the dander by investing in an ionic air purifier. You can also put dehumidifiers in damp areas to prevent mold buildup.

Open the Windows From Time to Time

Even in the coldest months of the year, you should consider letting the fresh air from time to time. This gives your space and the inhabitants a chance to breathe and allows the stale air to leave your house.

BONUS: Say Goodbye to Your Indoors Plants for a While

Indoor plants aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have health benefits. However, they can’t be your best friends if you have indoor allergen problems. Individual plants can foster the growth of mold, something you should avoid if you want to reduce the allergens in your home. Keep them outdoors during the winter season and then let them back in when spring waves hello.

Indoor air pollution is undoubtedly becoming a problem in many households today. With the right tools and techniques, however, you can curb these problems and push for a healthier indoor environment.

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