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Insect Screens: What Kind Should You Use?

Most people are nowadays intent on getting as much natural light into their interiors as possible. This has seen the rise of large frameless windows and doors that maximize natural lighting and your views of the exteriors. Even so, these windows and doors also expose your indoors to a range of environmental elements. One of the most harmful and annoying elements is insects. In most cases, these are drawn into your interiors by light and exposed sugary and cooked foods.

PVC doors strips can block out space around your windows and doors that insects might use to enter your property when the windows and doors are closed. If, however, you are keen on enjoying the breeze and want to leave your windows and doors open, your best choice is to get an insect screen. These are mesh-like screens made of PVC-coated fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel. They keep out insects, small debris, and pests without hindering the inflow of breeze and light. Here are the insect screens you can choose for your doors.

Standard Screens

These are the most commonly used insect screens nowadays and are held in place using special strips. The frame of a standard screen is attached to the exterior side of your door and can be easily detached for cleaning and repairs. The screens come in different colors to match your interiors and exterior design. Even so, standard insect screens can only be used on doors that do not protrude from their frames like sliding doors.

Retractable Screens

These retract into a hidden cavity along your door’s walls. They can be pulled into place if need be to prevent flies from entering your property and withdrawn when not in use. The tracks that the screen retracts into are quite discrete and allow the opening of the screens to the precise length that suits your needs. Retractable insect screens are ideal for bi-fold, French, and stacking doors.

Pleated Screens

These work like retractable screens but have accordion-like meshes rather than those that roll into wall cavities. Once retracted, the screen will fold and easily stack onto the other mesh. Pleated insect screens have less tension compared to retractable screens since they do not need spring-loaded tubes like the latter. They are thus ideal for children and the aged because they require minimal muscle strength to operate.

Magnetic Screens

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These are ideal for property owners looking for a screen that stays in place but is easy to remove when cleaning the door. A magnetic screen has a strong seal along its frame that securely locks it in place against the door’s frame. When in place, it does not leave any margins for insects to pass through into your interiors. Though often used for standard doors, magnetic screens can be customized to fit those with intricate designs and shapes.

The above screens also come in large rolls for use on open patios. Even with an insect screen in place, you should still take steps to reduce insects around your property. Flowers and plants should, for instance, be more than ten metres away from windows and doors, and you should keep waste bags sealed.

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